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October 12, 2021

Richmond, CA – Locals: Find Local Ceramic Artist, Handmade Mugs and Bowls

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Attention: Locals | Small Batch Ceramics

Great gifts for yourself and your loved ones!

Beautiful daily objects make the world a sweeter place to be and that’s what I hope my art does for you. Please take a look around and stay awhile, you’re always welcome here.

Every ceramic piece is hand-formed, fired for the first time, glazed, and then fired again. Each one takes time and care to make it colorful and unique. No two pieces are exactly alike. You are looking at a labor of art and love and I can’t thank you enough for your interest in what I do.

Check out available vessels here!

What Sweet Tarnation Is All About

Whether it’s a gift for your own household or someone else in your life, you can transform everyday moments like the morning cuppa routine into a delicious ritual. Maybe you need to brighten up a hallway or give a beloved leafed friend a colorful new home, you’re looking in the right place.

Color is transformative. There’s a reason bright and cheerful colors call to us and using them in artful items you can see and hold each day is a fun bit of therapy we could all use in our lives.

Using a beautiful vessel is something to look forward to. Sipping drinks from gorgeous vessels makes it all the sweeter; from hot drinks to wine, that nip of whiskey or port to end the evening. The feeling of a heavy-bottomed, hand-crafted cup never gets old. You’ll want a collection of vessels to suit every mood! Not to mention offering guests a selection of vessels when hosting is nothing short of delightful. Their faces light up at the options and and it’s wonderful to see which one they choose!

A Little More About Ceramics

Making pottery is a labor of love as most ceramicists will tell you. It takes a lot of time and effort to create pottery and each step has challenges. From choosing which clays and glazes to work with and the uncertainty of whether a kiln-load of pots will fire properly, there are a lot of points where a vessel may not make it. As we refine our processes, we get to know the materials very well and could go on at length about kiln temperatures if you care to listen (don’t worry, we know most folks don’t need to hear about all that!). This experience is what develops our distinct styles as artists, giving you endless variation when it comes to ceramics. Each potter has their preferences and particular skills; that’s what makes the world of ceramics so exciting! The possibilities are practically infinite.

Finding which materials work for the effect you’re going for can take a lifetime, and we have a blast doing it! All the pots that result from this practice are what we love to share with the world and want you to enjoy in your homes. One of the best feelings is knowing that something you’ve created with your skills and good intentions is living a life with someone who appreciates it. This is what connects us to the community and world around us. Sending pieces of ourselves out there and hoping it falls into the hands of folks that see the value of handmade objects.


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