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October 26, 2020

Philadelphia, PA – Advertising New Business by Local Business Consultancy

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Local Business Consultancy

Do you want to promote your new small business? Here are a few effective advertising tips to help you get started!

Starting a new business is a daunting process. A lot of planning, strategy, and resources go into setting up a new business. If you’re a small business just starting out in Philadelphia, you need to work on your marketing strategy to reach your target clientele effectively.

Keep reading to learn about a few effective tools to advertise your new business locally.

Google My Business

Where’s the place people search when they are in need of a product or a service? In the 21st century, the answer is Google. Whether a person wants a haircut or needs to buy a laundry machine, they search for local options in the google search box.

Therefore, it’s important to set up your Google My Business profile as soon as you open your business for customers. This will put your business on the local map instantly with the help of Google Maps and Google search panel. Make sure that you geo-tag your location and highlight your promotional offers and featured products and services.Social media presence

Publish high-quality and SEO optimized content

Another important aspect of advertising your business is to have a functioning website. You need to create a website that your potential customers engage with. For that, you need high-quality content that interests your target audience. You need to optimize your content for local SEO, so your website ranks on top on different internet search engines and local listings.

Social media presence

Today, does anything even exist if it is not on social media? Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to target their potential customers and create brand awareness. You need to set up a business page on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Make sure you post about your products and services regularly.

If you’re offering any promotions or launching a sale week, social media is the perfect place to advertise these offers. Moreover, all social media platforms allow you to target your ads to reach a specific audience. You can reach customers based on their location, age, profession, interests, etc.

Host or sponsor a local event

One fun and highly effective way to introduce your business to the locals is by hosting or sponsoring a local event. You can organize a launch-party where you offer discounts and promotions that attract people to visit. Another great option is sponsoring a popular local event. For example, you can be a partner for a fundraiser, or you can sponsor a local sports event.

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