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November 12, 2019

Free Initial Consultation | Call for Business Consulting Services in Reading, PA

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Call for a Free Initial Consultation Focused on How You Want To Grow, Change, or Improve Your Company

To be successful in today’s business environment, organizations need to be looking to do more than generating and growing a satisfied customer base. In order to have a competitive edge in today’s marketplace, organizations need to define, create, and grow a loyal customer base. Acquiring a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing customer. In our experience, no industry or size organization is exempt from this concept. Creating a customer experience where every point of connection with your product or service needs to be focused on creating those loyal customer relationships. The most effective way to make that happen is to ensure all your organization’s systems and processes are aligned and working in concert for success.


When we partner with an organization, we first seek to understand their strategic intent. Does the organization have a strategic plan? If not, our consultant can help them create their plan. If the organization does have a plan or after the plan has been created, then the question becomes, “How is the organization communicating the details of the plan to their contributors while engaging their daily efforts for success?” We help the organization operationalize their plan at a level where each contributor or team member knows and understands how his/her daily role is helping the organization accomplish the goals and objectives, as defined by the plan, while positively influencing their loyal customers.


The greatest asset of any organization is its people. When your contributors and team members truly understand where the organization is going through the lens of the strategic plan, it is critical that all team members’ collective attitudes, behaviors, and skills are consistent with creating and growing a loyal customer base. We have facilitated processes that help all team members and contributors, at all levels within the organization, align their attitudes, behaviors, and skills with the organizational objectives while positively impacting the customer relationship at every point of engagement.

If your internal contributors and team members have what they need and feel supported in their efforts, the percentages are far higher than customers will get want they want and need and therefore value the relationship with the organization at a much higher level which is financially measurable and beneficial.


The third piece of the organizational puzzle is to evaluate its processes, operations, and structure. Does your organization have the necessary processes and structure in place to allow your contributors and team members to implement the organization’s plan? Are processes working at cross purposes? Are cross-functional teams working within multiple processes and are your structures effective? Fundamentally, is there anything getting in the way? After evaluating what is working and what may not be working, we help clients create and/or improve their processes, find the bottlenecks, eliminate wasted time, money, and resources so the objectives and goals of the organizational plan can be realized faster and more effectively.

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