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Newark, NJ – Get Your Chocolate Making Tools & Supplies at Our Baking Store

Chocolate making sounds super fancy, but even amateur chocolatiers acknowledge that the craft is accessible enough for beginners to get started with minimal technical skills. You can’t just use regular old kitchen items or bakeware though. You’ll need some specialty tools to really dive into the craft of chocolate making. Candyland Crafts in Raritan ha…

Raritan, NJ – Benefits of Silicone Chocolate Molds | Baking Supply Store News

Some chocolatiers swear by silicone and would not use any other kind of chocolate mold in making chocolate candies. If you asked one hundred different chocolate makers if silicone, polycarbonate plastic, metal, or glass made for the best chocolate molds, you’d receive a plethora of conflicting information. At the end of the day, the best chocolate mold is…

Somerville, NJ – Sign Up for Our Chocolate Making Classes at Our Baking Store

Everybody loves chocolate, but not everyone knows how to make it. Even proficient bakers balk at the task because it requires some specialty items and a little bit of know-how. Candyland Crafts can help take you from clueless chocolate enthusiast to capable chocolatier with their incredibly helpful hands-on classes in chocolate making. With the oversight …

Middlesex, NJ – Baking Supply Store Offers Cake Making Halloween Products

It’s scary how many Halloween themed items are available at Candyland Crafts, your one stop shop for premium baking supplies and cake making products. With an endless selection of pans, molds, cookie cutters, and cake toppers, you’ve got all the tools to make delightful and frightful treats for your family and friends on Halloween. Tricks for Treats Can…

Newark, NJ – Chocolate Mold Products Available at Our Baking Store in Raritan

Although the process of chocolate making may seem complicated to amateur chocolatiers, it’s not as difficult as you’d think. With just a few simple ingredients and a good quality chocolate mold, you could start crafting custom chocolate creations at home that rival the big brands, taste just as good, and are not as unhealthy. If you’re in Somerset County,…

Raritan, NJ – Cake Decorating Classes Available in the Somerset County Area

Looking for a sweet way to spend a day in Somerset County? Candyland Crafts has you covered with a collection of classes centered on cake, cupcake, and cookie decorating. Come on out to Candyland Crafts in Raritan, NJ and get creative with confections today. What Kinds of Techniques Are Covered? It’s the age of Instagram, and it’s no longer enough to simpl…

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