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June 08, 2020

Portland, OR – Types of Water Damage to Look Out For | Home Restoration News

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Are you aware of the different types of water damage? If not, keep reading.

So, you have experienced flooding in your living space. What are you going to do now? The things that you will do to get rid of all that wastewater will depend upon the type of water damage you are faced with. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will talk about the different types of water damage that you might experience.Washing Machine

So, let’ begin.

Type # 1: Clean Water

The first type of water damage on our list is by clean water. As the name suggests, clean water is the type of wastewater that doesn’t cause much damage to our health. Clean water comes from faulty appliances, broken water tanks, rainfall and thawing snow. Since this type of water doesn’t contain any deadly contaminants, cleaning this type of water damage is completely safe. Even if you ingest some of this water, you won’t fall prey to any deadly disease. However, when cleaning this type of water damage, you must use time as a valuable resource. The first 48 hours are the most crucial ones. If  water is left to stay, it tends to get contaminated, and going near it can be dangerous to your health.

Type # 2: Grey Water

The next type of water damage is caused by grey water, which is also referred to as sullage. This type of wastewater is contaminated, but it doesn’t contain any fecal matter. Grey water is the type of water which comes primarily from bathtubs, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers. It contains fewer pathogens than blackwater. However, if this type of wastewater is ingested, it can make you sick.

There are several sources of this type of wastewater. Rainfall, faulty appliance and a broken pipe are common culprits of this water damage. When cleaning up grey water, you must stay very cautious. Always put on your protective gear, and make sure children and pets are kept away. If flooding is extensive, seeking help from a professional is better than cleaning up on your own.

Type #3: Black Water

The most dangerous type of water damage is caused by black water. It contains human waste, toxins, and deadly pathogens. It mainly comes from toilets and sewage pipes. In some cases, black water also contains particulates and chemicals, which makes exposure even more dangerous. Water from the river and the sea that enters your home during a flood or a storm also falls into the category of black water.

Regardless of the type and magnitude of water damage, remediation and restoration isn’t a DIY project. For thorough cleanup and restoration, it is better to seek help from a professional water damage restoration company.

For the best water damage restoration company, visit our website and feel free to talk to our professionals.

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