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June 15, 2020

Portland, OR – Check Your Bathroom for Mold Using the Tips Mentioned Below

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Do you suspect mold growth in your home? Here is what you need to do.

Detecting mold growth in your bathroom is not as easy as you think. Your bathroom has several faucets and pipes that can break, leak and cause water damage, which can cause mold growth. Sometimes, the leakages often go unnoticed and are discovered only when it is too late. Furthermore, poor caulking and lose tiles can create the perfect environment for mold to grow.Food

You may not know this, but mold needs a dark and damp place to grow, and one such place is none other than your bathroom. To grow and survive, mold needs a food source, which includes soap scum, paint, wallpaper, caulking and wood.  In the following paragraphs, we will talk about ways to detect mold growth in your bathroom.

Tip # 1

To begin with, inspect all the damp areas within the washroom. The driving force behind mold in these damp and dark areas is humidity. The prime areas for moisture in your bathroom include the sink, showers, bathtubs, caulking, windowsills and curtains. If one of these areas has been damaged by water, make sure they are inspected for mold growth. The mold in your home can be of different colors such as green, brown, grey and black.

Tip # 2

When inspecting mold in your bathroom, use your nose wisely. Consider yourself lucky if you see prominent signs of mold growth. However, there are other signs of mold growth as well. One such sign is the presence of a pungent and musty odor within your bathroom. This earthy smell is similar to the stench in a wet basement. This unpleasant odor also resembles the smell of decomposing wood. If your bathroom has been damaged by water but there aren’t any visible signs, the pungent and musty odors shouldn’t be ignored.

Tip # 3

To detect mold growth, you should check your bathrooms regularly, at least once a month. Take a look at the surfaces which were previously infested by mold and also the pipes and faucets that leaked. If the surfaces seem bubbly and the faucets seem moist, chances are that mold and water damage has made a comeback. Also use your nose to detect any pungent and earthy odors.

Tips # 4

Make sure to regularly check your bathroom floor. It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom floor is made up of wood or is tiled. The presence of mold will give your wooden floor a spongy look and your tiled floor a muddy look.

These were some of the easiest ways to detect mold growth in your bathroom. For thorough inspection of mold, make sure to seek help from a professional mold remediation service provider in Portland, OR.

For the best mold remediation services in Portland, OR, visit us online and get in touch with our professionals today.

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