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Pomona, CA – Comparing Vacant vs. Occupied Home Staging from a Certified Stager

You haven’t yet sold your old property, and it has been on the market for a long time now. Every weekend your realtor visits your home with new potential buyers to show them your house. But it is the same old story all the time – they do not feel the vibe in there, or they cannot imagine themselves living in the place you have designed to be “your” home. You…

Los Angeles, CA – Professional Stager Provides Some Outside Home Staging Tips

While the majority of home sellers focus on preparing the interior spaces, not paying attention to the exterior might be a costly mistake. The first thing any potential buyer sees while visiting a property is the outdoor space, which is why paying attention to its appearance while staging a home is crucial. Keep in mind that the first impression is the last…

Los Angeles, CA – Certified Real Estate Stager Explains the Home Staging Process

When a home is staged with the help of a professional stager, it can make the home stand out among all the competitors. In fact, staging your home can lead to a quicker sale and higher selling price compared to an unstaged property. Home staging can change the essence of a property by highlighting the primary features and arranging décor and furniture in eve…

Pomona, CA – Bionki Interiors Home Staging Company Featured in Apartment Theory

Home staging is no easy job, requiring expertise and experience to bring out the best of a property. That is where Bionki Interiors excels. Pantea Bionki, the leading mind behind Bionki Interiors, was recently featured in Apartment Theory, and it is nothing less than winning a huge trophy in the world of real estate. Whenever a home stager is assigned to mak…

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