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February 15, 2022

Peoria, AZ – Reviewing the LWRC 9MM M6Auto Rifle | Gun / Shooting Range News

Posted in: Industry News

¬†lLooking to Buy the LWRC 9mm M6 Semi-Auto Rifle? Here’s What Our Experts Think!

A staple of special forces and SWAT units worldwide, the battle-tested LWRC 9mm M6 Semi-Auto is one of our favorite carbine rifles. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about the M6 and how you can practice your rifle skills with one on our range with an expert instructor.

C2 Tactical Review

The M6-SL is a piston AR and LWRC’s lightest rifle product. The rifle’s heavy H2 buffer reduces recoil time, so you can get back on target quicker. The M6 is a self-regulating short-stroke gas piston AR rifle. Manufactured to replace the M6 base model, the M6-SL is lightweight, weighing only 6.44 pounds empty. The standard rifle is equipped with a 16.1-inch light-contour barrel.

Rifle Courses at C2 Tactical

C2 Tactical’s state-of-the-art gun ranges are the perfect place to perfect your rifle shooting. We offer rifle courses at two locations in Arizona for Gilbert residents: Scottsdale and Tempe. You’ll get the opportunity to learn from NRA-certified instructors with years of practical experience at law enforcement agencies. So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Keep reading below to learn about the courses that we offer below!

  1. Introduction to Tactical Rifles | 100

Designed for people with no rifle experience, this introductory course is a great way to get started in the world of rifle shooting. If you’ve never even held a rifle before, don’t worry. This course covers everything you need to know, including the history and varieties of rifles, safety basics, shooting techniques, principles, and best practices.

In this starter course, we’ll mainly focus on popular military AR15 rifles and AK47/74 rifles, and it covers basic loading and unloading skills. In total, the class is three hours, including two hours of in-class instruction and one hour of on the range. To complete this course successfully, you’ll need a rifle, protective gear, and 18 rounds of ammunition.

  1. Tactical Carbine 1 and 2

The Tactical Carbine series is a popular pair of rifle courses C2 Tactical offers. These courses are for intermediate and advanced level shooters. The Tactical Carbine 1 focuses on fundamental tactical skills, such as tactical positions, shooting safety, reloading techniques, and malfunctioning clearances. This hands-on five-hour class is mostly taught out on the gun range.

The second course in this series is for advanced shooters looking to level up their skills with challenging exercises and build on what they learned in the first course. In this course, you’ll learn advanced techniques and how to shoot effectively in low-light tactical environments. It consists of one hour in the classroom and four on the range.

Sign Up Now!

Ready to build some high-level rifle skills with your new LWRC 9mm M6 Semi-Auto Rifle? Visit our website today to sign up for the course of your choice!

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