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July 27, 2020

Pacific, MO – The Latest Signage Trends Businesses Should Watch Out For in 2020

Posted in: Industry News

Signage Trends

Are you ready for the innovations expected in the signage industry in the upcoming years? Read on to study the latest signage trends in 2020.

In recent years, the digital signage market has experienced unprecedented growth. According to a Markets and Markets Report, the market is projected to grow from $20.82 billion in 2019 to $30 billion by 2024.

The bulk of that growth is attributed to new technology, the ever-rising customer expectations, and the changing retail landscape.

More and more businesses now have access to a wide range of signage options. Watch out for the following signage trends in 2020:

Digital PrintingSignage

If you’ve recently been to a tradeshow, you must have come across digital printing. More and more building owners are looking forward to using digital printing on custom signs to brand and update designs.

Sign makers have recognized the potential of digital printing and are adopting the most advanced bed printers to product aesthetically pleasing ADA compliant signs that match well with the building design.

To facilitate wayfinding, you may want to add patterns, new colors, or logos. In short, digital printing is rapidly shaping signage to offer the best customer experience in professional environments.

Digital Signage as a Service

As many other services, digital signage is expected to be offered as a cloud-based service. Such a model is perfect for clients who don’t wish to purchase a digital signage solution and take the trouble to maintain their own software servers or permits.

The display part is housed and handled at the client’s location. Common applications of SaaS digital signage include display networks of facilities running 24/7, such as airports, bus stations, railway stations, and digital billboards.

The cloud provider provides the client with 24/7 access to a cloud-based content management server (CMS) and individual software licenses for media players. Clients can manage the display content from anywhere by connecting the screens to any device.

Sanitization Kiosks

With COVID-19 greatly disrupting the retail and hospitality sector, a major cleanliness trend is emerging in the form of sanitization kiosks. Given the persistence of the pandemic, it seems like the signage solution might eventually be adopted by a wide range of businesses.

AI-Powered Signage

Another major trend in 2020 is the utilization of AI technology in signage. AI-powered facial recognition software that scans customers’ faces is expected to be used in the future to offer a more personalized user experience.

If you own a retail store, you can leverage AI to identify the age group of visiting customers and display content accordingly. For instance, you can program the signage to show the latest fashion trends to adults or point kids in the direction of the toy’s section.

AI has a lot of potential when it comes to collecting customer data and determining buying behavior. Expanding on our above-mentioned example, your AI-powered signs will be able to record the number of adults, children, men, women, etc., to help define your core target audience.

While these were the most exciting signage trends for 2020, there’s so much room for development in the signage industry. For sophisticated and future-oriented signage solutions, get in touch with Conover Designs.

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