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July 21, 2020

Washington, MO – Choosing the Correct Materials for Your Monument Signage

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What material should you choose for your monument sign? Here are some common monument sign materials that you can choose from!

Monument signs come in a wide range of materials and styles that have their unique benefits. You must learn about the pros and cons of the most commonly used monument signs so that you can choose one that’s just the perfect fit for your business.Brick Masonry

This is because if you choose a material that doesn’t go with your brand’s theme, then you won’t be able to create the kind of impact that you want the sign to have on your customers and clients. If you know what each material has to offer, then you can make an informed choice for your monument sign.

So, here are the most common monument sign materials that you can choose from:


Thanks to its durable nature, aluminum is a widely used material for monument signs. It’s resistant to rust and offers a modern and clean look to a monument sign for years on end. It’s also pretty resistant to harsh weather elements, which leads to minimal maintenance costs.

Moreover, you can use aluminum to create various shapes, so it is ideal for forming logos and. Even though you can’t light aluminum from the inside, you can use external lights to increase the sign’s attractiveness, effectiveness, and visibility at night.


Just like aluminum signs, plastic signs can also be molded into different shapes. You can use them to create monument signs in any size, and they are specifically useful in creating complex designs and logos. So, if you have a complex and intricate design in mind for your monument sign, then plastic is a great material option that will provide a solid finish to your sign. Furthermore, you can also illuminate your plastic sign from the inside, which will increase its attractiveness.


Wooden monument signs offer a rustic and unique appeal that’s ideal for resorts and hotels. Monument signs made of high-end wood offer a traditional yet chic feel that’s perfect for luxury stores. Moreover, wooden signs are durable and long-lasting.

Varnished wooden signs are quite resistant to the weather as well. With that said, these signs do require regular maintenance to ensure that they remain in top shape. Furthermore, wooden signs tend to fall prey to insects and pests such as termites.

Stone and Brick Masonry 

If you want to build a monument sign that’s made of the same material as the magnificent Taj Mahal, then natural stone is just the perfect fit for your sign. Even though stone and brick are quite expensive materials, they provide an unmatched elegant appearance to monument signs.

The one downfall of these signs is that they’re exceptionally heavy, which means that you’ll have to hire a professional service to get them transported and installed at your location.

Poured Concrete

If you’re looking for a utilitarian signage material option, then concrete is certainly a feasible option. It offers a practical look and is also incredibly durable. Due to its indestructible nature, it’s commonly used to create monument signs for local parks and cities.

In short, there are many types of monument signs. You can choose one that best meets your needs. For customizable and durable monument signs, visit our website today!

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