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July 21, 2020

Pacific, MO – Let’s Explore the Pros and Cons of Various Exterior Signs 

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What are the pros and cons of various outdoor signs? Read on to find out!

There is a wide array of outdoor signs that you can choose from to promote your business. However, only the right outdoor signs can prove to be effective in promoting your brand and communicating the message that you’re trying to give to your consumers. If you use the wrong outdoor signs, then it can derail your entire advertising and marketing agenda. This is why you must learn about the pros and cons of various outdoor signs to make the right signage choice for your business.Digital Signs

Here are the pros and cons of different outdoor signs:

A-Frame Signs


They’re incredibly affordable! Not only are these signs classic, but they’re also a pretty effective form of advertising. They can help direct potential customers to your doorstep. Moreover, these signs are easily customizable, which means that you can create unique A-frame signs that are ideal for your business.


These signs aren’t incredibly noticeable in high traffic areas such as busy streets as they’re not large or tall enough to be seen from far away.

Back-Lit Signs


Even though backlit signs are a bit costly, they are well worth it. With these signs, you can promote your business day and night as they are illuminated from the back. They are also pretty attractive and hard to miss.


Since they are pretty commonly used by businesses for their storefront, your signs can easily get lost in a sea of similar signs unless your business is located at an ideal location and your sign is creative enough to stand out.



Banners work well for all sorts of occasions and you can use them both indoors and outdoors. They come in all shapes and sizes, are easily customizable, and have a wide reach, which makes them a pretty effective signage option.


Large banners can be a bit hard to install due to their bulky size.

Digital Signs


If you want your signage to stand out, then electronic signs will surely do just that. They are programmable and futuristic signs that can easily communicate whatever message you want them to communicate to your target audience.


Digital signs are quite expensive and need plenty of maintenance. Furthermore, they have a shorter lifespan in colder regions.

Reader Boards


Reader boards are an incredibly fun and customizable way to interact with your customers. They are also pretty easy to maintain and are handy for all types of businesses.


The biggest flaw with reader board signs is that even if one piece goes missing or gets stolen, it will affect your whole message and negatively impact your brand image.

These were just a few types of outdoor signs that are used by businesses to promote their brands and products. Make sure to take the pros and cons of each of these signs into account before you invest in any of them.

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