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St. Louis, MO – ADA Sign Mistakes You Can Avoid By Working With A Sign Company

ADA Sign

Are you sure your signs are ADA compliant? These sign mistakes can lead to compliance issues.

While many businesses comply with the signage requirements issued by the American Disabilities Act (ADA), not all organizations get the design, installation, and mounting right. The slightest of negligence in following ADA guidelines can lead to mistakes, making them less useful for your clients.

Here are some common ADA signage mistakes that you should avoid:

Missing or Incorrect Positioning of Braillepwd sign

ADA gives clear guidelines regarding the positioning, cell spacing and structure of the dots. Each sign should feature Grade II Braille, which should be placed a minimum of 3/8” away from the edges and other elements of the sign.

Small or Large Symbols or Text

Another common ADA signage mistake is to ignore the rule pertaining to tactile characters when there’s not enough room on the sign with Braille. Keep in mind that the tactile characters must be 5/8” and 2” in depth. They should all be in upper case. Bigger characters are not always good. Symbols must be accompanied by verbal text right below them, while pictograms should maintain a 6-inch field height.

Absence of the ISA Symbol

This mistake can get you a default notice at any time. Facilities that offer accessibility are required by law to have the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) sign.

Incorrect Installation Height

Even if you’ve followed all other ADA signage guidelines, merely installing your ADA sign at the wrong height can get you in trouble. When installed on walls, “the tactile characters on signs must be a maximum of 60” above the finished floor, measured from the baseline of the highest tactile character, and a minimum of 48”, measured from the baseline of the lowest  tactile character.”

Please remember that the height requirements for exterior parking signs and overhead signs are different from ADA signs placed on walls.

Not Getting Your ADA Sign Inspected

Before opening your business facility to the public, you must invite the Fire Marshall who will inspect your ADA compliant signs. This is extremely important if you own a hospital, restaurant, and city office. The inspection serves as an approval for facility opening. If you fail to get the signage inspected, you might be forced to close if you don’t have signs that meet ADA standards.

Incorrect Text Spacing

Letter spacing or kerning is a key element of ADA signage. Between any two closest points of tactile characters, you must ensure 1/8” spacing, based on the updated ADA standards. Since it’s a tricky requirement, you can end making this mistake without even realizing it.

Final Word

In summary, ADA sign requirements include specific, minute details that can be easily missed by business owners. That’s the reason you should rely on an experienced signage company that has been designing ADA compliant signs for organizations.

For ADA compliant signs, contact Conover Designs today.

Washington, MO – Key Design Elements That Are Crucial to Digital Signs

Digital Signs

Looking to make the most out of your digital signage? Be sure to incorporate these key design elements into your digital signs.

No matter how amazing your digital signage template is or how well it is positioned, your screens won’t effectively draw attention if you fail to include some key design elements. When you are designing your signs, you will have to be creative in delivering content and ensure that your digital signs are sufficiently interactive.

Here are a few tips that can help you design vibrant and entertaining digital signage:

Leverage VideosMachines

Graphic content, such as videos, is not just important for web design, but they are also incredibly effective in digital signage. People are constantly exploring their surroundings while walking in offices, healthcare centers, colleges, etc.

Videos add an element of interest in your digital signage content. A potential customer may not glance at a static image but would immediately turn to see the animated content on a digital screen. Hence, make sure you are leveraging videos in your digital signs.

Live Internet Feeds

Another tremendous idea is to display live feeds through digital signage. If you have a blog section on your website, your digital signage will retrieve RSS feed from there to show new content on the display screens.

Showing the same content for long periods can bore your clients. New content ensures that you get repeat visitors. Like on the internet, your audience needs fresh content on your digital screens.

To the Point Communication and CTA

This one’s a little tricky because removing unnecessary elements from your digital signs can be tough. However, to achieve the goals of your signage strategy, you will need to make the display incredibly simple and easy to understand.

The content should be displayed in a way that the viewers perceive exactly what you want them to perceive. Another critical element is your call-to-action (CTA). The most effective digital signs will display CTAs in a way that the viewer should immediately be able to spot them.

The use of colors and design should emphasize the CTA so that the viewers do act exactly as you want them to after watching your sign.

Interactive Touchscreen

The best way to foster engagement through your digital signage is to include interactive elements in your digital signage screens. These are elements that require your audience to select options on the screen to dig deeper into the content.

In other words, you allow them to scan through your digital signage as they would find information on a computer.

However, to attract people and grab their attention, you will need to be creative with the design. Once you’ve come up with a great design, work on its interactivity. The content should not only be insightful but also entertaining for the people using the digital screen.

If you’re looking to incorporate these key elements into your digital signage, Conover Designs can help.

Union, MO – Make Sure You Avoid the Following Mistakes In Your Signage


Are you sure your indoor and outdoor signage are error-free? Take a look at these common signage mistakes businesses make.

Business signage is a huge investment that’s meant to help your store or facility stand out and be noticed by potential customers. After putting so much effort and resources in a sign, you expect to see improved brand recognition and loyalty. Certain mistakes in displaying your signage, however, can harm your brand image rather than improve it.

Let’s take a look at some common signage mistakes business make:

Improper InstallationPoor Readability

Mistakes pertaining to installation can be quite embarrassing for any business. At some point in your life, you must have seen letters on a store sign placed upside down or backward. For an inexperienced installer, it can be hard to tell which way is upside down for letters such as S, K, B, H, and C and backward for letters like M, W, and A. To avoid such errors, obtain a paper template of the signage letters.

Inadequate Lighting

If your business operates at night, the worst mistake you can commit is to have insufficient lighting. An unlit or poorly lit signage simply undermines the visibility and noticeability of the signs, killing the real purpose of signage. If your potential customers don’t notice your restaurant or store, you won’t be getting new customers.

To ensure that your message is seen by passers-by during the night, consider using illuminated signage options such as lamp lit or backlit signs.

Including Too Much Information

You don’t want to confuse your audience or make your signage less appealing, do you? Stuffing too much information in your signage does both. Providing as much information as possible to your customers sounds  great, but it might prevent the viewers from understanding your underlying message.

To make sure that people immediately understand who you are and what you offer, limit the information you include on your signs and make sure it is clear and concise.

Poor Readability

One of the most common pitfalls associated with business signage relates to the readability factor. Using small letters for a store in front of a busy, crowded street makes no sense. Likewise, using gigantic blow-up letters on the side of a building won’t do you any good.

You should always plan your signage while keeping in mind the viewing distance. Moreover, keep in mind the backdrop behind your sign. For instance, a sky-blue sign will be difficult to read against a blue sky backdrop. To ensure readability, make sure your signs stand out from the background.

To avoid the above-mentioned mistakes and for the best signage solutions, reach out to Conover Designs today.


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BIO: Conover DeSIGNS is your local professional manufacturer of high quality signs and graphics for your business. We offer a variety of signage and graphics for indoor and outdoor applications.