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July 23, 2020

Spring Hill, KS – Custom Sponsorship Panel Signs for Local Recreation Commission

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Good morning! This is Michael Ryan with Forerunner Signs and Graphics  at Overland Park, Kansas. I just thought that I would share a project with you that we are working on for Spring Hill Recreation Commission out of Spring Hill, Kansas.

Spring Hill Recreation Commission is a Youth Sports organization. We truly enjoy working with non-profit organizations and helping out on these types of projects. We also have a program called Hope Starts at Home where we donate 10% right off the top and offer a discount for non-profit Christian organizations or educational institutions.

Anyway, we’ve been doing these sponsorship signs for Springhill for about 3 or 4 years now. So, let me walk you through this project. We started out with a 4×8 sheet of a material called max metal. Max metal is an aluminum poly composite material so it won’t bend, crack,or break over time. This particular panel is a one-sided max metal(refer to the video above). You can see here that it’s painted white on one side, while the underbelly of this material is the aluminum sheeting over that poly composite material.

Next, we will print on our wide-format HP 360 latex printer. You can see part of a trailer wrap that we’re about to work on next coming out of the printer at this point (refer to the video above). We can also print on fabric, which is really great. However, HP 360 gives an incredibly high-quality print. To make it last over time, we use a vinyl material made by 3M called IJ35.

Panel SignsSo, once we print on the vinyl material, we will take the printed material and run it through our wide-format Sovereign laminator. Once we run the print through there (refer to the video above), we will laminate the print up and apply it to our Max metal panel. On the same table, on the other side of the laminator, you can see a completed panel here (refer to the video above).This particular one has great quality print, vibrant colors, and a good contrast. This is the final product, a 4×8 sheet, 3M vinyl material, laminated with a 3M Luster Lam.

So, I just wanted to share this ongoing project with you today. I hope you have a great day! We will be back to talk to you again with another video soon. If you have a custom sign project that you would like us to work on, then you can reach out to us on (913) 469-1500. You can also learn more about our products and service via our website https://forerunnersigns.com

This is Michael Ryan from Forerunner Signs and Graphics signing out.

Have a great day!

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