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September 20, 2021

Fun Family Photography Sessions with a Toddler | Oakland, CA Photographer

Posted in: Industry News

Making Your Family Photo Session with Toddlers Fun and Relaxing


Who’s been in this situation? You have a toddler and you see them doing something really cute. You want to catch that moment so you grab your phone to snap a quick picture. As soon as your toddler sees you they A) stop what they’re doing or B) cry or whine because they don’t want you taking their picture.

So now you’ve booked a family photography session and you’re worried about how your toddler will act during the session. Since hiring a professional photographer is an investment of time and money,  you want your toddler to be on their best behavior, you don’t want them running around and acting up.

But guess what? That’s what toddlers do! But trust that your photographer is a pro at handling active toddlers. There are a few things you can do before and during the session to prevent toddler (and parent) meltdowns.

Be Prepared

I can’t say it enough. The way to avoid stress on the day of your session is to be prepared!

Don’t give yourself added stress by shopping for outfits on the very day of the family photo session – don’t even do it the night before the session. As soon as you book the session, that is when you should start to plan out what everyone is going to wear.

I recommend laying all of your outfits out on a bed. This makes it easier to ensure that everything coordinates.

And speaking of clothes, bring a change of clothes for your toddler. You never know when you’re going to need it!

Don’t Forget Your Toddler’s Favorite Items


You want your toddler to be as comfortable as can be during this shoot, and the best way to do that would be to bring his/her favorite items with them. Your photographer may want to know your toddler’s favorite television characters, favorite songs, interests, and so on so that they can prepare and connect with your child – this is going to make them feel even more comfortable. Some choose to have the toddler’s favorite song playing on repeat in the background during the photo session.

Plan the Shoot for a Time When Your Toddler is Usually Well Rested and Fed

Most toddlers till nap, and it is important that you choose a time when they are normally well-fed and well-rested, like after a nap. Don’t schedule the session during naptime, or too close to bedtime. After a nap, toddlers are usually happier and more relaxed, which will be great for a photo session.

Keep Your Toddlers Active and Happy

The photo session may start out with the family all together giving hugs, walking, or cuddles. It’s always a good idea to get the loving photos out of the way in the beginning, before any meltdowns happen (we’re sure you know about toddler meltdowns).  It goes without saying, toddlers have a quick attention span, so will we get those “must-have” photos out of the way in the very beginning. Then it’s just time to play. And what toddler doesn’t like to play?


I know, the days leading up to a family photography session can be a lot of stress, but there’s nothing to worry about follow these simple guidelines.

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