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October 04, 2021

What to Know About Cake Smash Sessions | Oakland, CA Lifestyle Photographer

Posted in: Industry News

What to Know About a Cake Smash Photoshoot

baby in tub

Are you about to celebrate a child’s first birthday? You can just imagine your little one digging into their first cake. Hiring a professional photographer to capture these moments can lead to some really incredible, priceless pictures.

5 Things to Consider For Your Cake Smash Photography Session

1. Create a Theme

Have fun with it. It’s not everyday that your little one turns one! Don’t settle for just getting a colorful cake, putting your one-year-old in a plastic high chair, and having them smash the cake. Sure, you can do this, but there’s a better way to do a cake smash photoshoot.

Creating a theme will give you a wonderful backdrop for some fun and some amazing pictures. You can create a theme with a ton of colorful balloons, use a specific sport, or choose another fun theme. Make the cake match the backdrop and get the word or number “one” into the backdrop, too.

2. Choose a Cool and Colorful Cake

The more colorful the cake is, the better off your photoshoot will be. You do want to avoid brown colors and red colors. Brown tends to look too much like poo and red can look a bit like blood, so they should be avoided unless you’re going for a Halloween type of photoshoot.

You don’t need to go out and get an expensive cake, after all, it’s won’t last long. Just make sure the cake matches your theme.


3. Choose the Right Outfit

For boys, a simple outfit with suspenders and bottoms will work great. You can add a bowtie if you want, but shirtless will leave for some pretty cool pictures with the cake.

Girls can wear bottoms and a headband of sorts. Let the cake be the shirt (of sorts) for your baby and you’ll get some pretty cool shots.

4. Indoor Cake Smash Photoshoots

With an indoor cake smash photoshoot, you don’t have to worry about as many distractions. The potential of weather changes will also be controlled.

Indoor shoots can also be a bit more comfortable for your one-year-old. It can make for a bit more work to clean up, however.

1st birthday

5. Outdoor Cake Smash Photoshoots

An outdoor cake smash photoshoot will make it much easier to clean up. You might even be able to simply hose the area down once you’re done. Outdoor cake smash photoshoots can also include a kiddie pool, which makes it even easier to clean up.

If you’re interested in commemorating your baby’s first birthday with a fun cake smash photo session, I am here to help. I can make sure you get some incredible pictures of the event.

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