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November 15, 2021

What Time of Year is Best for Your Family Photoshoot? | Piedmont, CA Photography

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boy and mom

Let’s face it. Busy moms and dads aren’t usually thinking about their next family photography session. And choosing the time of year for your family photoshoot in the Bay Area isn’t easy. So what is the best time of year for your session? The quick answer to this question is simply when it works best for your family. However, there are plenty of things to consider, especially if you have flexibility.

Which Season of the Year is the Best for Family Photos?

The best season of the year for family photos is the fall. It’s the most popular season due to the incredible light, cooler weather, amazing colors, and the holiday theming towards the end of the fall season.

While this is the best season of the year for family photos for many reasons, it’s also the busiest season. It might not be easy to book your photographer during the fall.

Choose the Summer for a Beach Family Photoshoot

While the fall might be the best season, if you want beach pictures, the summer is a better option. With a beach photo session, you need enough time to capture the right images. You want to make sure you have plenty of light and the summer offers more daylight hours.

The late summer and early fall make for a great time of year for your family beach photoshoot. If you want to capture the ocean in the background, fun pictures while playing in the sand, or some of the amazing sights near the beach in the Bay Area, this is the time of year for your photoshoot.


The Holiday Season or Winter

Of course, if you love the holidays, the winter season in November and December is the best time of the year for your family photoshoot. You can get pictures taken specifically for your Christmas card as well as family photos with a touch of winter or holiday decor.

The Spring Brings the Blooms

The spring season offers a unique option with plenty of blooming flowers and trees. However, the spring season can also bring allergies and other unique challenges. If you can make the spring season work for your family photoshoot, it can be quite beautiful.

What Fits Best for Your Family


You might not care which season of the year it is, but you might care what your family is wearing. If you want your family in sweaters, it wouldn’t make sense to have a family photo shoot during the hotter months of the year. However, if you prefer your family in board shorts and tank tops, the summer is a great time for your photoshoot.

You know your family best and you know what you want. Whether it’s the color changes of the fall or the blooms of the spring. Maybe you have a specific location you prefer and the season of the year won’t matter much. There isn’t a wrong decision when it comes to booking your family photoshoot.

Any time of year is great for a family photo session. Consider what you desire from your family pictures and choose the season based on what fits the image in your head the best.

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