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May 10, 2021

6 Tips to Make Your Photoshoot With Kids Easier | Bay Area Family Photographer

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Photography kids can be a challenge. Unlike adults, they are less likely to be open to your suggestions or instructions since they don’t have the same incentives to do so. Adults know they are paying for great photos for the wall while kids are more interested in being independent and knowing when it’s time to play next.

You can make the photoshoot easier with kids by coming in prepared and having the right attitude during the shoot. Use these six tips to make the photoshoot both more successful and easier when you are planning to capture children.

Brings snacks and schedule after meals

Preparation is so important for a photoshoot with kids. Make it easier on yourself by bringing along snacks for the kids in case you need them to keep things going at some point. Just leave them in the car so that they don’t become a distraction.

While you’re planning ahead, make sure you’ve considered meal times because kids are likely going to have more energy after a meal rather instead of when they are starting to get hungry. The golden hour works perfectly because you can have dinner with the kids and then do the shoot, so hunger isn’t even an issue and it’s early enough that it’s not quite bedtime yet.

Show them the camera

Kids may cooperate better if they’ve had a chance to see what you’re shooting with and can even hit a few buttons. Show the kids the camera and allow them to touch it for a moment so that they can see what you’ll be doing. They’ll love seeing what a picture looks like on the screen. If they are old enough, you could even try letting them take one photo of their sibling.

Be silly and encourage play

Kids may not be as likely to smile for you unless you can truly give them something to smile about. Consider a camera puppet to make things sillier and bring out your own silly side to encourage a happier shoot.

Kids will likely laugh if you are being ridiculous with the phrases you use or the questions you ask. Then make sure you also give the kids time to play, such as suggesting they jump high or play in the grass. These can often make the best pictures, especially when genuine smiles are coming back at the camera.

Take breaks

It’s important to make time for breaks. Forcing the shoot will not result in good photos. If the children are getting bored or antsy, take a break for playtime or a snack.

Less posing and more impromptu

Photographers often feel the need to pose families and kids, but you’ll lose a child’s natural personality through only posing. Make sure to shoot them as they are and allow for impromptu moments. You’ll find natural poses occur with their own body and with objects around that can make for some of the best photos. Talk to the kids and use their ideas for some interesting shots. Parents will love having photos of who their children really are.

Get on their level

Lastly, don’t forget to get down on their level. Don’t shoot from your height exclusively when children have a different perspective. You’ll love seeing the world from their eyes by getting down on their level during the shoot.

We hope these tips will make for the best photos of your kids! Schedule your next family photoshoot in Oakland where we can get great photos of your entire family.

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