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September 10, 2020

Oakland, Ca-Hypnotherapy Can Help Working Moms Relieve Stress And Anxiety

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Are you a working mom, and find you’re stressed out, overwhelmed and feeling hopeless?

Are Your Feeling The Mother-Load? Hypnotherapy can help you ease stress and anxiety to feel more grounded and in control.


Some people think hypnotherapy is woo-woo. They think that a hypnotherapist can control their mind, which isn’t possible. People under hypnosis are still in control, and have free-will. Hypnosis isn’t going to make them go against their values or morals. What hypnosis does do is allows clients to relax enough to activate their powerful imagination to simulate or visualize their desired outcome. They get to practice what it will be like when they achieve what they want. Peak performers do this all day, every day to reach their goals. As Dr. Shapiro said in the excerpts below, hypnosis empowers people to activate neural circuits that are otherwise hidden, so they can begin to create positive, lasting changes.

Hypnosis is also like guided meditation, and works to help you slow down your monkey-mind or a mind that feels confused, or chaotic.  When you work with a trained hypnotherapist, it can be especially helpful, because your images, powerful memories and other senses are used to help you create a new perspective, which changes your biology. It will help you move from the fight,flight nervous system to the rest, restore and digest nervous system. This shift changes everything, and helps you take back control of your mental, emotional and physical health. Hypnosis helps to synchronize the brain, which means both sides are working together. My clients have reported that they feel more like themselves than they’ve felt in a very long time. More relaxed, more creative, more present.

Here are some powerful endorsements from some well-respected, medical establishments:

1. Mayo Clinic. 

“Hypnotherapy can be an effective method for coping with stress and anxiety. In particular, hypnosis can reduce stress and anxiety before a medical procedure, such as a breast biopsy.” 

  • Pain control. Hypnosis may help with pain due to burns, cancer, childbirth, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, temporomandibular joint problems, dental procedures and headaches.
  • Hot flashes. Hypnosis may relieve symptoms of hot flashes associated with menopause.
  • Behavior change. Hypnosis has been used with some success in the treatment of insomnia, bed-wetting, smoking, and overeating.
  • Cancer treatment side effects. Hypnosis has been used to ease side effects related to chemotherapy or radiation treatment.
  • Mental health conditions. Hypnosis may help treat symptoms of anxiety, phobias and post-traumatic stress.

2. American Psychological Association

Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique in which clinicians make suggestions to individuals who have undergone a procedure designed to relax them and focus their minds. Although hypnosis has been controversial, most clinicians now agree it can be a powerful, effective therapeutic technique for a wide range of conditions, including pain, anxiety and mood disorders. Hypnosis can also help people change their habits, such as quitting smoking.”

3. Harvard Medical School

“Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to treat any number of mental or physical health problems. Hypnosis turns your attention inward. Usually, you enter a trance-like state and, with the guidance of a hypnotherapist, you can start to control or alter your thoughts, feelings, and physical state. “A hypnotic trance empowers people to activate neural circuits that are otherwise hidden,” Dr. Shapiro explains. “This circuitry can activate greater comfort for pain relief, greater mental focus for certain activities, and greater self-esteem.”


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