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Berkeley, CA – Searching for a Spiritual Weight Loss Group? Join Our Center

Local Spiritual Center Offers Weight Loss Groups Spirituality can mean many different things to different people. Ultimately, spirituality should have a positive impact on a person’s life and their ability to thrive. One aspect of improvement that can be aided through spirituality is weight loss. At the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living we offer assistanc…

Berkeley, CA – Book Our Spiritual Facility / Center for Your Upcoming Concert

Local Center Has Venue Space Rental for Concerts Finding the ideal event space for any gathering can be difficult. This is especially true when planning a concert, as there is a need for plenty of space, great sound quality, lots of parking and more. If you are searching for the ideal place to host a concert, our Oakland Center for Spiritual Living offers a…

Oakland, CA – Local Spiritual Facility Rental Services for Upcoming Parties

Facility Rental Service for Parties Available Hosting a party can be a large undertaking, and selecting the right venue can make all the difference in the experience everyone has at the event. While picking the ideal food, entertainment, and decor are all important, without the right event space the party won’t be successful. The Oakland Center for Spiri…

Oakland CA – Benefits of Audio / Video Ministry Services at Our Spiritual Center

Learn the Benefits of Spiritual Audio/Visual Tools Everyone experiences spirituality in their own unique ways. While people learn, grow, and communicate in different methods, using audio and visual tools can help. At the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living we have found by using audio and video in our ministry, our participants experience spirituality on a…

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