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Oakland, CA – Benefits of Participating in our Spiritual Center in the East Bay

A Place for Spiritual Growth At the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, individuals from all life experiences come together to either start or enrich their spiritual journeys. The core practices involve activities like prayer, meditation, growth, and positivity. Such activities enable our community to know more about and be closer to the divine presence,…

Emeryville, CA – Science of Mind Classes Available at Our Spiritual Center

Local Experts Offer Spiritual Education Courses Growth is a key component of spirituality. Learning how to understand yourself, your environment, and others helps you gain a higher level of thinking, and seeking a higher level of consciousness is a noble pursuit. Whether you are an experienced practitioner of Science of Mind or you are just looking for…

Oakland, CA – Discussing the Spiritual Practices Tools at Our Spiritual Center

Spiritual Center Offers Insight for Daily Living At the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, we are home to a diverse and active group of people who come together and practice principles of life to grow spiritually. We welcome you to our sacred and spiritually nourishing events. We focus on tools and practices to tap into each person’s unique power within…

Berkeley, CA – FAQs About Affirmative Prayer Tools | Spiritual Center News

Learn How To Make Prayer Part Of Your Routine Most people view prayer as a form of communication with a deity, and there are many benefits to prayer in any form. At the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, we promote the idea of affirmative prayer. This practice has proven successful for many people, and we would love to help people in our communities gai…

Oakland, CA – Overview of Oakland Center for Spiritual Living Concert on May 5th

Grammy-Nominated Singer Performing in Oakland, CA! “A song can hold you up when there seems to be no ground beneath you." -Melanie DeMore Join the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living in collaboration with Thrive, on Sunday, May 5th for a special concert and community gathering - Hold Everyone Up! The Power of Song, Healing & Community - with 3-time Gra…

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