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November 23, 2020

Encinitas, CA | Ways to Enhance Your Storefront | Professional Sign Company Tips

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Wish to increase your store’s foot traffic? Follow these tips to improve the image of your store using signage.

Storefront signs are an incredible way to improve the visibility of your business and draw in more customers. According to a recent survey by FedEx, 76% of American customers make first-time visits to stores based on signage. In addition, 68% purchase a product or service because they are impressed by the signage.

Thus, when designing a storefront sign, you want a solution that grabs attention while staying consistent with your brand image and personality. It must also be relevant to your target audience and their preferences. The size, shape, content, and colors all come into play. In this guide, you’ll learn how to enhance your storefront with signage:

Select the Right Type of Signage

As you begin researching business signage, you’d realize the wide range of signage options available on the market. The signage industry has greatly evolved to provide a solution for every type of business for different settings. Not only do you have tons of options for your storefront, but there are numerous other options for your interior.Signage

The most valuable signage options for storefronts include:

  • Channel Letters
  • Illuminated Signs, such as LED signs
  • Awnings
  • Window Graphics
  • Outdoor Banners
  • Hanging Blade Signs

You can easily customize the above-mentioned signs. Once you’ve selected a signage type, the design of the signage will determine the impact it makes on the viewers. An experienced signage company, such as Lighthouse Sign Co., will not only offer high customization but also develop an eye-catching design for your storefront.

Choose the Right Size

When it comes to designing a storefront sign, determining the right size for it is crucial. Consider the size of your storefront before getting your sign designed. If your storefront is large, a small storefront sign may not be noticed by passersby and drivers, while a sign that’s too large for the storefront will overwhelm the space and cause a distraction for visitors. Consult your sign company and ask what size sign would be best for your storefront.

Besides, don’t forget to account for the cost and zoning laws when designing your storefront sign. Both will impact the size of the sign.

Appearance and Branding

When getting your storefront signage designed, make sure it resonates with your business’s ideology and message. This way, people will associate your signage with your brand, which helps them remember your business. To truly represent your brand, your storefront sign should include your brand colors, font style, and any graphics associated with your brand. As mentioned earlier, the best sign companies offer a lot of flexibility in how you want your signage to be designed.

For highly customizable storefronts signs, connect with Lighthouse Sign Co. today.

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