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October 12, 2020

San Diego, CA – Need an Attractive Storefront Sign? Invest in Custom Neon Signs!

Posted in: Industry News

Storefront Sign

Looking to enhance the appearance of your storefront? Custom neon signs are an ideal solution.

If you’ve driven around busy streets, you must have noticed glowing signs that bring those areas to life. Those are neon signs!

While there are countless signage options, neon signs are still a surefire hit among store and restaurant owners. To learn why you should invest in custom neon signs, keep reading.

Extraordinary Visibilityneon signs

The most sought-after feature of custom neon signs is their illumination, which enables people to notice the store or restaurant easily. The neon lights used in them are created from a diverse mixture of gases, allowing people to clearly see the message from a distance and at night time.

Nowadays, neon signs make use of fiber optic technology and LED for lighting, letting you produce marvelous displays to stand out from the competition.

Highly Durable

Neon signs have a long lifespan and can last between 7 to 10 years, or even more depending on their use and maintenance. Your awnings may fade and the paint may get chipped, but neon signs will keep on capturing people’s attention for long periods.

But why are neon signs so durable? Neon lights are produced using inert and pure gases including argon and neon that are mixed in a neon tube. As long as this tube stays free from other gases, the neon sign will maintain its life.

To further enhance their durability, neon signs contain no wire filament that may burn out in the tube. Hence, a flex neon tube typically lasts for around 30,000 hours, while a glass neon tube is expected to last for 10,000 hours, on average.

Creative Freedom

As their name suggests, you have endless design possibilities with custom neon signs to depict your logo and lettering for brand name and messaging. You have almost unlimited options in terms of color and shape. You can rely on the manufacturer for design work, hire a third-party for just image and layout creation, or use an online tool provided by the signage company to design it yourself.


The latest neon signs come with lighting and are designed to consume minimal energy. Signs that generate heat consume a lot of electricity. Neon signs don’t require a high temperature metal to generate free electrons because they don’t rely on a wire filament in the first place.

To transfer electric power to the neon gas, it makes use of electrodes, which are cool to touch, indicating that they don’t waste electricity. Hence, electricity bills shouldn’t be a concern when using neon signs.

Cost Effective

Neon signs are a remarkably low-cost advertising option. You need not worry about their operating cost too. By putting out your brand in front of the target audience, they’ll pay for themselves over time.

Now that you know how neon signs improve the look of your storefront, seek professional design services for your neon signs.

For highly creative custom neon signs, contact Lighthouse Sign Co. today.

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