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October 02, 2020

San Diego, CA – Need Engraved Signs for Your Business? Call Local Sign Company!

Posted in: Industry News

Engraved Signs

Are you considering engraved signs for your business? Read on to learn what makes them a great signage option.

Regardless of the nature of your business, signage plays a key role in the success of your business. Before customers come to trust your brand or even know that you exist, you need to invest in a signage solution that works for your business.

Engraved signs are among the most effective signage options to choose from. As the name suggests, they are signs with letters etched or engraved onto their back. Not only are they used for promotional purposes but also for other functions such as facilitating wayfinding or sharing business information.

Let’s find out what makes engraved signs a great option for businesses:

Variety of ApplicationsMinimal Maintenance

One of the most amazing features of engraved signs is that they can be used in a wide range of industries. From a privately owned restaurant to a large factory, any business can benefit from engraved signs. In fact, engraving services can be used for a diverse range of applications within a business. Apart from outdoor signage, name tags, control panels, warning labels, and others can all be prepared using engraved signs.

They’re Easy to Read

In most cases, you don’t have more than a few seconds to grab the attention of potential customers, especially in the case of outdoor signs. Thus, you just can’t afford to compromise on the visibility and clarity of your signs. Engraved signs provide solutions that tend to be crystal clear to anyone who glances at them.

The engraved letters create a contrast against their backgrounds, further enhancing their visibility. For these reasons, engraved signs are a perfect medium to communicate your brand message to the target audience.

Cost Effective

Engraving results in less wear and tear of tools as compared to manufacturing other types of signs. Because the machines would last longer, the manufacturer charges lesser for engraved signs than other signage options. This means you can create more engraved signs in the same amount of money.

Minimal Maintenance

If you’re concerned about maintenance, engraved signs shouldn’t be a problem. Their maintenance requirements are minimal and easy to ensure. If you need to replace the shine of your metal engraved sign, you need nothing more than a metal polish and a rag. As for regular maintenance, all you need to do is wipe the signs with products that aren’t harsh.

Highly Durable

Engraved signs last much longer than painted ones, regardless of the amount of rain, sun, vandalism, or snow. As opposed to paint, which often gets bleached or chipped, engraving remains intact for many years. As long as you use gentle items to wipe, no chemical can damage the engraved lettering and the overall sign while cleaning.

Now that you know all the benefits of engraved signs, are you ready to invest in them?  If you are, then get in touch with a professional sign company. They have the expertise and experience to make signs that will take your business to the next level.

For high-quality custom engraved signs, contact Lighthouse Sign Co. today.

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