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June 27, 2020

San Diego, CA – Find Out Whether or Not Your Signage Is ADA Compliant

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Are your signs ADA compliant or not? Read on to find out.

ADA stands for the American Disabilities Act of 1990. This act was introduced in the year 1990 as a civil rights law, and in 2011, it was enforced by law. This act discourages any discrimination against disabled individuals, especially in public places. Now that you know what ADA is, let’s discuss some of its requirements.Sign Contrast

ADA Sign Requirements

ADA signs should be placed in a way where they can be touched by blind individuals. Furthermore, they should be placed in such a manner that they can be seen and read by people from a distance. Contrary to popular belief, every braille sign doesn’t qualify as an ADA sign. Although braille is a key component of ADA signs, you should also focus on the height and readability of the signs. Here are some ADA sign requirements that you must follow. Remember that the ADA rules apply only to signs that are used for wayfinding and accessibility.

Height of Your Signs

Some ADA signs have braille on them. If such a sign is applied to a door, the braille should be present on the same side as the latch of the door. The height of the characters from the floor should be somewhere between 48 inches and 60 inches. If the sign is hanging, it needs to be at least 80 inches off the floor. If your door swings outward, the sign should be installed right beside it.

Sign Contrast

Your sign should be easy to read. The letters as well as the background should have a non-glare surface, so light doesn’t affect readability. There should be sufficient contrast between the letters and the background. Never make the mistake of using lighter text on a dark background, and vice versa.

Braille and Raised Letters

Signs with braille and raised letters make your signs more readable to people with impaired vision. To make these signs easy to read, make sure a sans serif font is used and letters are in uppercase. The size of the letters should be somewhere between 5/8” and 2”. Furthermore, the dots should be round instead of square.

Significance of ADA Signs

There are several reasons why ADA signage is important. First of all, they are enforced by law, and any violation or the inability to meet the standard can put you in legal trouble. Furthermore, without ADA signs, your workplace becomes less accessible, specifically to people with special needs. Regardless of the nature of your business, you should make all of your customers feel comfortable and welcomed. By using ADA signs, you make your workplace more accessible and customers feel at ease. These signs come in handy, especially when there is an emergency situation, which demands instant evacuation of the building. They also mark potentially hazardous areas and zones for disabled individuals, thus helping them stay safe.

Do your signs meet the requirements mentioned above? If not, contact us today!

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