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June 01, 2020

San Diego, CA – All You Must Know About the Benefits of 3D Lettering Signage 

Posted in: Industry News

Wondering whether you should use 3D lettering signage for your business or not? Read on to find out some fantastic benefits of 3D lettering signage!

Have you ever seen a striking and impressive 3D letter sign outside a storefront and been convinced to step inside? Well, that’s the power of 3D letter signs. They are incredibly impressive and attractive signs that can surely drive more and more interested customers to your doorsteps.Happy

3D lettering signs have a unique look as they create a 3-dimensional effect, which allows your signs to feel more alive. The drop shadow and depth effect of the letters make these signs truly stand out and prevent them from getting lost in a sea of other signs.

If you want to know why you should invest in a 3D letter sign for your storefront, then here are some fabulous benefits of these signs:

They Offer Design and Customization Flexibility 

The 3D format allows you to design any kind of sign that you want; this means that you can have a sign as large or as small as you want and in whichever colors you want. You can also get customized illuminated 3D lettering signs! You also have the option of choosing between different materials and finishes for your sign. The raised lettering in a 3d letter signage gives a sophisticated look to your store which is pretty hard to resist.

They Are Highly Visible

The best thing about 3D letter signs is that they are pretty hard to miss and potential visitors and customers can easily read them! This means that more and more people can potentially find out about your business via your outdoor 3D letter sign. This is especially beneficial if your store is located on a busy street with high foot traffic.

They Are a Defined Mark of Success

A high-quality 3D letter sign conveys a powerful first impression that you are a professional business with high standards of quality and taste. Moreover, an attractive and well-made 3D letter sign on your storefront also acts as a landmark, which promotes your business and helps you add more people to your growing customer base.

They Provide Excellent Value for Money

As a business owner, you are always on the lookout for ways to advertise effectively on a budget. 3D letter signage is a solid advertising option for you because they offer great value for money. How so? Well, these signs are pretty eye-catching, a feature that allows them to direct more and more potential customers to your doorsteps. This enables you to earn more money daily. Moreover, they are pretty durable and low maintenance, which makes them a worthy investment.

They Prove to Be a Lasting Investment

3D letter signs are made from a variety of long-lasting materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, Perspex, acrylic, etc. These durable materials can easily withstand harsh weather elements, which enables them to stay intact and in top shape for a long time.

We hope the aforementioned benefits of 3D letter signs were enough to convince you to invest in this signage option. When you do opt for 3D letter signs, make sure to customize them in your brand colors and themes.

For customized 3D lettering signage, reach out to Lighthouse Sign today!

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