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May 04, 2020

San Diego, CA – Use Canopy Tents in Your Outdoor Events for the Following Reason

Posted in: Industry News

Wondering whether you should use a canopy tent for your upcoming event or not? Read on to find out some fantastic benefits of using a canopy tent for an outdoor event!

Marketing at outdoor events and tradeshows is a time-consuming task that requires preparation. However, you can ease the event prep by using a customized canopy tent. A canopy tent will make your life easier with its handy and versatile nature. It’s also the best way to help your team convene and strategize at a marked area during the event, without putting any effort into it.

Here are the main reasons why you need to invest in a canopy tent for your upcoming outdoor event:It’s an Outdoor Shop On-the-Go!

It Is Convenient

When partaking in an event, you already have a lot on your plate such as loading and unloading different materials, putting up your booth in time, and many last-minute tasks. In such a pressure-inducing situation, a canopy tent is just the perfect tool for you. It is uber-compact and portable; it can easily fit into your vehicle’s trunk for easy transport and you can store it in your hotel room, without a hitch. Moreover, once at the location, you can easily and quickly assemble it and get started with your prep for the event before your attendees arrive.

It Improves Your Brand Visibility

At trade shows and exhibitions, various brands are competing to outshine one another. In such a competitive space, you need an ace up your sleeve that can help you stand out, improve your brand visibility, and impress potential customers. If you choose a generic tent with a common color, then you will blend in with your competitors.

However, a customized canopy tent with your brand colors, logo and name on it will distinguish you from the crowd of generic grays and whites. Such an eye-catching tent will also help you attract interested customers to your booth.

It’s an Outdoor Shop On-the-Go!

A canopy tent is a versatile tool that you can use to set up an outdoor shop anywhere you want! If you simply arrange your booth and tables in an inviting and open space, then you can change the look of your tent to create a store-like feeling. You can also manipulate lighting tools to light your products in a way that emphasizes your best sellers. You can also place your branding and marketing material on the back wall, the roof, or the front entrance flap of your tent.

It Offers Instant Protection from Harsh Weather

Perhaps the best and most obvious reason to use a canopy tent at an outdoor event is to protect your booth from sudden climate changes. Pounding rain, scorching sun, and even snow are all factors that can put a damper on your event. However, if you have a canopy tent, then you can effectively protect yourself, your team, and the event attendees from harsh and unpredictable weather elements. Moreover, it will also keep your products and offerings such as brochures and flyers safe from sudden rainfall or other weather-related damage.

Now that you know the benefits of using a canopy tent at an outdoor event, make sure to use one for your next event.

If you are on the lookout for customizable and durable signs for your canopy tents, then get in touch with Lighthouse Signs today!

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