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April 20, 2020

San Diego, CA – Avoid These Window Sign Mistakes and Keep Your Sales Intact

Posted in: Industry News

Wondering how you can create effective window signs and drive your sales through the roof? Read on to find out the major window sign mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs.

Retail signs are a great way to attract potential customers to your stores and convert them into loyal shoppers. Window signs are the best retail signage and are responsible for driving customers through your doors. They are the first signs that potential visitors come across – they can make or break your first impression and either drive your sales or send customers running the other way! Hence, it’s vital for your window signs to be as effective as possible.create effective window

When it comes to window signs, here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid:

An Overcrowded Sign  

The information you choose to display on your window sign must be concise and clear. If it’s contrived and too overcrowded, potential shoppers won’t be able to read or digest it within the few seconds that it takes them to pass by your store. An overcrowded sign makes it difficult to read. So, make sure that you display your message in short and attractive terms.

Reusing Old Signs

Avoid recycling old window signs. Recycling is not something that goes down well with customers. So, make sure that you don’t use old and dilapidated signs as they will give your shop a worn-out look.

Spending Too Much Time on Designing the Sign

Retail is an ever-growing and fast-paced industry. So, you have to keep churning out something new every now and then. What really hinders this process is taking too much time in designing your signs. Taking too long to advertise your products or discounts will only give your competition an edge over you.

Opting for Elaborate Fonts 

Make sure that you don’t choose elaborate and contrived fonts for your window signage content. Stick to fonts that are clear to read and will improve the readability of your signs. This will allow you to effectively grab your customer’s attention.

Putting up Signs That Are Too Large or Too Small

Take proper measurements of the window space in your store so that you don’t end up putting signs that are either too large or too small for that place. An overly large sign will overshadow the items that you display in your window, while an overly small sign will be easy to miss. Only signs with appropriate measurements will be able to truly stand out and attract visitors to your establishment.

Using the Wrong Colors

Make sure to add distinct and complementary colors to your window sign. Using contrasting colors that attract the eye of potential visitors is something that is often missed by retail owners. So, use colors that complement each other and also make the content of the sign stand out.

Ignoring Minor Details

You need to make sure that if you alter your brand’s logo even a little, your new window signs should display the new logo instead of the old one. This will help your customers see your brand in a positive light.

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