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March 16, 2020

San Diego, CA | Sign Solutions for Corporate Outdoor Events | Sign Company News

Posted in: Industry News

Create an impact at any event impactful and affordable event signage solutions.

It does not matter if it’s an outdoor exhibition, tradeshow, a fair or even a charity gala, you will definitely need signage to ensure that people visit your stall. Let us check out a few outdoor signage solutions that you can use for your up and coming event:Standees

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a pretty cost-effective solution when it comes to marketing your event. You can use yard signs to let your target audience know all about your event beforehand. This type of signage can also be used as a means of drawing in lots of customers at very affordable rates. You can also use these signs on the event ground itself, to guide people to your stall.

Large Banners

Vinyl banners are time-tested solutions for advertising your event. You can also use both vinyl and mesh banners to post signage above your stall. These banners can be custom designed to exact specifications so that you can use them as per your requirements. From hanging your banners to the main entrance of the event to placing them all along the line fence, you can do it all.

Blimps and Balloons

Blimps are a great way to advertise your presence at an outdoor event. They are very unique, and their tube shape can easily carry your brand’s message. Moreover, large blimps floating over your stall will act as a beacon that will guide your target audience straight to your booth. Balloons can also perform the same function and you can enhance their effect by placing spotlights directly under them so that they are illuminated at night.

Event Tents

Very large outdoor events are typically spread out over extensive grounds, and a visitor can easily get lost in the crowd. Here, a branded event tent can also help to draw people in and around your stall. Best of all, you can easily customize your tent based on the occasion.

For example, a concession-stand tent might be used to display the name of the company that is providing refreshments for the visitors. You can place your entire menu in bright colors on the sides of the tent. It is both a simple and effective way of reaching out to your target audience.


A standee or standing banner usually comes with its own stand that is used to prop the banner upright. Such banners can be ordered in different sizes in line with your needs. Such banners can be used to point out your location to convey your brand message to your target market. Apart from that, you can also use them to highlight any games, prices, or other activities at the event.

Contact us today to find out how you can make your events a success with the best stand and signage options.

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