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January 30, 2020

San Diego, CA – The Importance of Lobby Signs for Hotels | Sign Company News

Posted in: Industry News

Are you curious about what benefits lobby signs bring to a hotel business?

When it comes to running a successful hotel business, providing the utmost comfort and convenience to your guests should always be your first priority. The main goal of every hotel owner is to create a pleasant and comfortable environment that makes every customer’s stay a memorable experience so that they are encouraged to visit the hotel again.

This also explains the extensive use of lobby signs in hotels. Lobby signs are a commonly used tool that allows the hotel management to take care of the guests who check-in at their hotel. Lobby signs are used to display clear and to the point messages so that the guests are notified about important information and can find their way around a hotel’s premises. Continue reading this article to find out the important of lobby signs for hotels.

Lobby Signs Help You to Share Important Information

The first and foremost reason why lobby signs are essential for hotels is they give hotel management a place to share important information. Lobby signs are usually used to display key information like the check-in time, the check-out time and the hotel breakfast timings every morning. This way the guests find out the important information they need to know as soon as they walk in. They do not have to waste their time by waiting in a long line to speak to someone at the reception.

Moreover, the use of lobby signs to share important information is also beneficial because fewer guests will trouble your customer service staff with repetitive questions. As a result, the customer service staff can focus on getting more important tasks done like entering customer details for checking them in quickly.

Lobby Signs Can Help You Brand Your Hotel’s Premises

Another benefit of using lobby signs in your hotel is they allow you to brand the space inside the hotel’s premises. Your customers constantly see your hotel’s logo and name on various lobby signs as they walk through the corridors and lobby.  This experience helps to register your brand in the minds of your guests and increases your brand recognition. As a result, your customers quickly recall your hotel by name the next time they’re thinking about where to stay.

Lobby Sign

Lobby Signs Assist Your Guests in Way-Finding  

The last reason why lobby signs are important for hotels is they assist your guests in way-finding. The premises of a hotel are spacious and can often be like a maze. There are so many floors with similar corridors full of identical doors. This is why it’s confusing for people to find their way.

The use of lobby signs in your hotel will guide people in the right direction and help them navigate through the premises to reach a required area. Clear noticeable lobby signs will direct your guests correctly towards the business centre or the restaurant. As a result, your guests won’t be lurking around the corridors of your hotel, feeling clueless about where they need to go.

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