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San Diego, CA | Sign Maintenance Checklist for Spring | Sign Maintenance News 

Are you interested in learning how you should maintain your expensive signage?

Springtime is generally associated with spring cleaning. There are just so many things that need to be taken care of and that holds even more true after a particularly hard winter.

And there’s no better time to inspect and revamp your signage.Fresh Branding Activities

Your hoardings, billboards, and other signage work for you all round the clock and deliver your message to your target audience. Ultimately, no other form of marketing and advertising can deliver your message so consistently and economically as outdoor and indoor signage. This is why you should take proper care for the upkeep of your banners and other marketing collateral. This is also particularly important to ensure that they continue to give you excellent returns for many years to come. Let us check out the most important aspects of your sign maintenance checklist for spring:

Check the Wheels, Pulleys, and Other Materials

If your hoarding is unusually large and suspended via pullies and ropes, it is imperative that you check them very thoroughly. Snow and rain can cause the pully to rust and jam up so badly that you won’t be able to increase or decrease the height of your flexible hoarding. Apart from that, ropes can become frayed and you need to check them and make sure that they are in excellent working order. The same holds for the stand and scaffolding of the signage. The very last thing you want is for a heavy billboard to fall down and cause injuries to unsuspecting people

Bird and Insect Damage  

Spring is also the time when birds and insects start making their nests. Hoardings and billboards are a natural choice for them and if the process is too far advanced, you might be in a world of trouble.  Wasp and hornet nests are particularly difficult to remove and the same goes for large and aggressive birds. Best to remove them before the spring thaw sets in.

Overhanging Foliage

Trees and shrubs usually drop their heavy foliage in winter, and this is why you might not be able to notice overgrown tree limbs and the like. However, once spring sets in and they start sprouting fresh greenery, they might obscure your signage and this will, in turn, defeat the very purpose of putting up your signage in the first place.

Fresh Branding Activities

Spring is the best time to rebrand your logo and products and make sure that the world knows all about your branding efforts. This holds particularly true if you are trying to extend your business. All of your signs and hoardings should showcase your latest marketing ideas and visuals.

Clean Them up

Your signage requires a spot of spring cleaning, especially if you have neglected to do the needful over the past few years. You can get rid of the years of accumulated grit and dirt so that they look as good as new. This will also create a very positive image in the minds of your target audience.

If you want to know more about how you can create your very own sign maintenance checklist for spring, you can log on to our website. We have plenty of excellent ideas for the job at hand.

San Diego, CA – 5 Common Benefits of Engraved Signs | Sign Company News

Engraved signs are widely used by different industries and businesses for their amazing benefits. Read on to find out the major benefits of engraved signs!

Engraved signs have been used by businesses for a long time due to their sophisticated and classy appearance. As the name suggests, engraved signs are signs that have the letters engraved in the signage material. They are used for a wide variety of purposes and present business owners with a versatile range of benefits.

So, here are 5 major benefits of engraved signs:

Signage Solution

They Are a Versatile Signage Option for Different Business Industries

Inarguably, the best benefit of engraved signs is their versatility; there is no one business niche that can benefit from using an engraved sign. How so? They are readily used by large conglomerates at their warehouses and factories and by smaller businesses, startups, and roadside shops, such as record stores and cafés.

Moreover, engraved signs don’t serve a singular purpose. Various business owners from different industries choose to use engraved signs as warning labels, storefront signs, directional signs, and even name tags. They are used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the purpose they are being used to serve.

They Offer Economical Solutions

You can easily find a manufacturer who has tons of experience with different signage varieties. What’s more is that with thorough research, you can opt for a sign manufacturer who can work with a tight budget. Engraved signs are a great option as there are fewer materials needed to prepare them. Additionally, engraving a sign causes less wear and tear on sign-making tools, which allows such equipment to last a lot longer. This ultimately leads to companies charging businesses a lot less for engraved signs than traditional signage options. So, they offer a cost-effective solution for you.

They Deliver Vibrant, Chic, and Legible Content

What good is a sign if the message displayed on it is not legible? Engraved signs are renowned for their professional, clean, and crisp appearance. Businesses that use engraved signs are able to engage with and attract the attention of their customers and potential clients in a professional, impressive, and sleek manner.

Moreover, since the engraved letters are so easy to tell apart from their background, you can use a wide range of fonts to communicate your message to the audience. So, if you want a sign that stands out, is timeless, and easy to read, then there’s clearly nothing better than an engraved sign.

They Are an Incredibly Durable Signage Solution

Let’s face it, all signs are prone to damage. Natural factors such as harsh wind, rain, and sun can cause major damage to outdoor signs. Even vandalism is a pesky sign-damaging factor that many business owners have to deal with on a regular basis.

With that said, an engraved sign cannot have its letters fall off since they are engraved in it. Additionally, its paint does not wash off, fade away, or get chipped. As if that weren’t enough, the materials used to make engraved signs don’t corrode either. Plus, they are designed to withstand the harsh onslaught of cleaning chemicals. All in all, engraved signs are a durable signage solution that you can use to promote your business.

They Are Quick to Make and Can Be Delivered Right Away

The turnaround time for engraved signs is exceptionally swift. Today, technological advancement has allowed manufacturers to complete their engraved signage orders in a short span of time. So, you can easily order striking engraved signs and expect to receive them shortly, which allows you to meet your deadlines.

If you want to get classy engraved signs for your business, then do get in touch with Light House Signs.

San Diego, CA | Sign Solutions for Corporate Outdoor Events | Sign Company News

Create an impact at any event impactful and affordable event signage solutions.

It does not matter if it’s an outdoor exhibition, tradeshow, a fair or even a charity gala, you will definitely need signage to ensure that people visit your stall. Let us check out a few outdoor signage solutions that you can use for your up and coming event:Standees

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a pretty cost-effective solution when it comes to marketing your event. You can use yard signs to let your target audience know all about your event beforehand. This type of signage can also be used as a means of drawing in lots of customers at very affordable rates. You can also use these signs on the event ground itself, to guide people to your stall.

Large Banners

Vinyl banners are time-tested solutions for advertising your event. You can also use both vinyl and mesh banners to post signage above your stall. These banners can be custom designed to exact specifications so that you can use them as per your requirements. From hanging your banners to the main entrance of the event to placing them all along the line fence, you can do it all.

Blimps and Balloons

Blimps are a great way to advertise your presence at an outdoor event. They are very unique, and their tube shape can easily carry your brand’s message. Moreover, large blimps floating over your stall will act as a beacon that will guide your target audience straight to your booth. Balloons can also perform the same function and you can enhance their effect by placing spotlights directly under them so that they are illuminated at night.

Event Tents

Very large outdoor events are typically spread out over extensive grounds, and a visitor can easily get lost in the crowd. Here, a branded event tent can also help to draw people in and around your stall. Best of all, you can easily customize your tent based on the occasion.

For example, a concession-stand tent might be used to display the name of the company that is providing refreshments for the visitors. You can place your entire menu in bright colors on the sides of the tent. It is both a simple and effective way of reaching out to your target audience.


A standee or standing banner usually comes with its own stand that is used to prop the banner upright. Such banners can be ordered in different sizes in line with your needs. Such banners can be used to point out your location to convey your brand message to your target market. Apart from that, you can also use them to highlight any games, prices, or other activities at the event.

Contact us today to find out how you can make your events a success with the best stand and signage options.


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