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November 18, 2020

Henderson, NV Locals – Call Us for Professional Home Restoration Services

Posted in: Industry News


Has your house been damaged? Do you need to get your home restored? Here’s everything you need to know about the Service Team of Professionals (STOP) Professional Home Restoration Service.

At STOP, our professional home restoration services focus more on just repairing your home. We aim to restore your peace of mind and feelings of comfort. Our highly skilled team of experts have the resources, tools, and expertise needed to respond to a disaster promptly and efficiently. Our restoration team will be by your side from the preliminary cleaning stage to the final repair stage.

If your house has been through a fire, suffered from water damage, or is contaminated with mold, we have your back! Our authorized specialists will thoroughly inspect the damage and create a customized solution so that your home looks new again in no time.

We are immensely experienced in working with insurance organizations and we will be glad to speak to them on your behalf as well. At STOP, we understand how stressful property damage can get. So, let us help you in making your life easier. Here is a list of professional home restoration services that we offer.

Water Damage Restoration Services

If your house has been through water damage or gotten flooded, the Service Team of Professionals will reinstate it to its dry, clean condition as promptly as possible. The more quickly we start removing the excess water and drying your home, the less damage there will be to restore. If humid, damp, and wet conditions are not dealt with swiftly, they can severely weaken your home’s structure, result in rot and facilitate harmful mold growth. This is why we make sure to reach your site in less than 90 minutes.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

After a fire damages your home or workplace, it can be very stressful figuring out the next steps and what to do. Service Team of Professionals provides exceptional fire damage restoration services to reinstate your home to its pre-fire condition in the least time and best way possible.

We’re on duty around the clock, so if there’s an emergency, you can immediately reach out to us for a prompt response. Our response time is the fastest in the industry which is essential in minimizing fire damage.

Smoke Damage Restoration Services

A building fire or a house fire is undoubtedly devastating. But surprisingly, after a fire, you might notice that soot and smoke damaged your property more than the fire itself. The specialists at STOP have the knowledge and experience on how to reinstate yellowed ceilings and walls, remove acidic soot, and get rid of the strong smell that penetrates everything. Our team has IICRC certification in smoke deodorization and uses modern techniques to break down smoke particles and bring your home back to its pre-fire state.

Mold Remediation Services

Service Team of Professionals provides home and business owners with professional mold damage services including free mold inspection and remediation. Our team of experts have comprehensive training and follow modern techniques to eliminate mold in the best possible way. 

If your property has been through a disaster, S.T.O.P can help you restore it to its pre-damage state.

To get in touch with professional home restoration services, dial 702-803-3094 now or visit our website today!

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