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November 24, 2021

Newport News, VA – Lobby Signs Serve as the First Impression for Customers

Posted in: Industry News

Lobby signs frequently serve as one of the first impressions a potential customer or visitor will receive when they enter a place of business. Given that lobby signs serve as a visual representation of the business, it is important to ensure the sign is sending the right message. Not only must the sign be of high quality, but it should also set the right tone. The tips below can help businesses and organizations to ensure their lobby signs meet all of their needs.

Today, businesses can choose from a vast variety of different types of signs for their lobbies. Among the most popular are dimensional signs. Manufactured from such materials as metal, foam, or acrylic, these signs can be cut into custom shapes and letters. When choosing a material for a lobby sign, businesses should ensure they are selecting a material that is suitable for their brand. Additionally, the style of the sign should be one that is visually appealing to the company’s target audience.

Budget is naturally a concern for most business owners. The good news is that with the many different types of signs available, it’s easy to select a sign that will accomplish the goals of a business while still remaining within budget. It should be kept in mind that some types of signs naturally tend to be more expensive than other types of signs. For instance, illuminated signs are more expensive than signs that are not illuminated. Custom signs tend to cost more than non-customized signs.

In addition to considering the design of the lobby sign, it’s also important to think about the location where the sign will be installed. The type of wall on which the lobby sign will be mounted is also important. Some signs may require drilling for installation while other types of signs can be mounted with simple adhesive.

Benefits of Lobby Signs
When designed appropriately, lobby signs can provide a wealth of benefits to all types o businesses. Besides setting the right first impression, lobby signs also help to orient prospective customers and visitors by assuring them they are in the right place.

It’s always important for visitors to feel welcome when they enter a new place. Bold, bright, and welcoming lobby signage will help to accomplish this in ways that a plain wall never could. With the right signage, businesses can set the right tone and put the minds of visitors at ease. At the same time, warm and welcoming lobby signage will also ensure that employees feel more at ease and comfortable, working to boost positive morale.

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