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October 28, 2020

Newport News, VA – Finding your WAY with Way-Finding Signs for Your Business

Posted in: Industry News

Way-finding signs play a key role in businesses of all industries. When deciding to install way-finding signage, business owners and property owners need to understand the differences that exist between various types of way-finding signs. Such signs are used in office buildings as well as malls, hospitals, and other types of facilities.

Directional signs are just one type of way-finding sign. This type of sign points visitors and customers to where they need to be in a facility. As a result, they are most commonly used at junctions in facilities and even in parking lots. A quality directional sign will ensure visitors do not get lost while creating the sense of a safe environment. Directional signage may be illuminated or non-illuminated.

Other types of way-finding signs include identification signs. These types of signs let customers and visitors know they have arrived at a specific location. These signs may be smaller in scale; however, they are still quite important.

Another type of way-finding sign is known as a regulatory sign. Regulatory signs provide information on liability and safety. Some businesses choose to incorporate their branding and log into such signs. When designing regulatory signs, business owners should keep in mind that these signs typically need to comply with local or even national guidelines.

Business owners should also keep other factors in mind when designing way-finding signs. For instance, a way-finding sign should feature plain fonts in a large enough size that the sign is easy to read. Such signs should be easy enough to read that even someone with vision problems would be able to easily read the sign.

Additionally, way-finding signs should be concise. It’s important to get straight to the point with these types of signs. Most people who are trying to orient themselves in a facility do not want to take the time to read a lengthy sign. Instead, it’s a good idea to include the name of the business and any other pertinent information that would help customers in a directional manner. In some cases, an arrow along with the location.

There should be no ambiguity regarding the meaning of the sign. Business owners should ensure that the direction and intent of the sign is immediately obvious. Otherwise, a sense of confusion might be created.

Finally, business owners should be aware that way-finding signs are not an opportunity to advertise or promote the business. There are plenty of other opportunities for branding as well as promoting products and services. Way-finding signs serve the single purposes of delivering immediate information to customers and visitors so they know where they are currently located, which way they need to go, or to deliver pertinent safety and liability information.

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