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September 23, 2020

Newport News, VA – What Are the Advantages of Custom Signs for Your Business?

Posted in: Industry News

Searching for a company that specializes in custom business signs? James River Signs is here to help! From up and coming businesses to well-established businesses, custom business signs tend to pay for themselves over time. Not only can they increase traffic to small businesses around town, but they can also help boost sales. We provide quality products and services to ensure all our clients are satisfied with their orders.
How Can Custom Signs Help Businesses?
Does your business have a special offer or promotion coming up? Showcase it with a custom sign! Is your business undergoing a name change or a rebrand? We can help you design a new sign for the exterior of your business. Custom signs are used for corporations, doctors’ offices, law offices, real estate, retail stores, and a wide range of other businesses. In other words, we can create a sign based on multiple industries.
Now, you can learn more about the advantages of custom business signs down below:
Many Design Options to Choose From
At James River Signs, we understand businesses were meant to stand out. That’s why our custom business signs are designed to grab attention. Our clients get to choose everything from the color of the sign, the style, and, most importantly, the size. We proudly offer:
Banner signs
• Ceiling signs
• Door signs
• Electronic signs
• Hanging signs
• Lobby signs
• Pole signs
• And much more!
Build Your Brand
What is a business without a brand? Branding a company does not have to be difficult! Any business owner will say a great way to start building a brand is with custom signs. Signs let potential customers know the business exists. Once the company brand is established, continue using the same imagery on the website, pamphlets, and brochures. Customers will appreciate the consistency, making it easier to identify the brand through various marketing outlets.
Improve the Business
Without proper marketing, there is no way a small business can grow. Often, businesses fail without the right strategy in place. When signs are eye-catching, vibrant, and unique, they tend to draw people in. Therefore, custom signs eventually pay for themselves! Having a professional look will help improve business.
Contact James River Signs Today
Do you need to create a custom sign to boost the value of your business? Reach out to James River Signs at your convenience. Our devotion to bringing signage ideas for companies means that you can feel confident!

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