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September 09, 2020

Newport News, VA – A Few Tips for Choosing Lobby Signs for Your Business

Posted in: Industry News

Tips for Choosing Lobby Signs
There is never a second opportunity to create a great first impression. For this reason, lobby signs are critical to helping a business cultivate the right first impression. The first impression a business makes is a lasting impression. Following a few tips can help business owners to find a lobby sign that will let customers know they are in the right place while showcasing the business at its best.

First, lobby signs should always complement the existing décor. The best sign for a business will always be designed with the character of the surroundings in mind. Regardless of how great a LED lighted sign might be if it does not complement the existing décor, it simply will not be the right fit.

Second, lobby signs should always display the personality of the business. This can be accomplished with the correct selection of colors and text. The choice of materials used for the construction of the sign also plays a critical role in the personality of the sign. Business owners will find that it pays off to spend some time thinking about the design of their lobby signs to find a look that conveys the right personality.

There is a wealth of choices available for lobby signs in terms of both color and material choices. Color decisions are usually based on the existing colors of the company’s brands, but it is possible to deviate and still find something that will complement a business. For instance, metal signs are currently very popular.

While color options should complement the existing décor, it may be a good idea in some situations to choose a color with a slight contrast to the wall where the sign will be placed. This will really help the sign to stand out from its surroundings.

When it comes to material options, choices are also wide-ranging. In choosing a material for a lobby sign, business owners need to consider aesthetics, durability, and price. Some materials are lower in price, but may not offer the same level of durability.

Working with a professional is also crucial when designing lobby signs. The right signage company will have the experience to understand the needs of a business and make certain that all of the little details are taken into consideration. This will result in a beautifully designed lobby sign that will accomplish all of a business’s goals.

In working with a professional to design a lobby sign, business owners should also take lead times into consideration. If there is a specific deadline, this should always be mentioned.

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