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July 22, 2020

Hampton, VA – How Can A Business Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing Signage

Posted in: Industry News

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing Signage

The right signage is incredibly important to businesses. Signs serve as advertising 24 hours a day and help make it easier for customers to find the businesses they’re looking for. Although they matter a great deal, a surprising number of companies make mistakes with this important tool. Here are some common missteps to avoid.

Location, Location, Location

Location is just as important for signs as it is for real estate. Signs don’t work if no one can see them, but business owners continue to place their signs in areas of poor visibility. It’s important to make sure that a sign won’t get blocked by a growing tree, another building, or even another sign.

To avoid this mistake, take a moment to view the sign from a customer’s perspective. Is it visible from the street? Is it easy to read quickly when driving past? These details are important.

Size Matters

When designing a sign, keep in mind that small letters prove difficult or even impossible to read at certain distances. To be visible from 100 feet away, the letters on a sign must stand at least 4 inches high. It’s possible for customers to see a sign from 1/4 mile away, but only if the letters stand 57 inches tall. Plan a sign accordingly.

Colors and Fonts

The colors on a sign should match each other, but don’t confuse matching with blending, The lettering on a sign should contrast to the background behind them so they’re easier to see. They don’t need to clash, but they do need to stand out.

Choose font as carefully as colors. Skip the Olde English script and choose a type style that is easy to read at a glance.

Logos and Clutter

A recognizable logo is an excellent branding and advertising tool, but sometimes it’s best to leave the logo off of the sign. Complicated designs or multi-colored logos don’t always scale well and can make signage too complicated and cluttered. The same is true of adding too much information. In an effort to be helpful, some companies design signs that are just too busy and hard to read.

Going Dark

Signs can serve as advertising literally 24 hours a day, but only if they’re visible during that time. There should always be a light built into or shining onto a sign after dark. There are plenty of energy-efficient lighting options available today, so lighting the sign need not be costly or create a noticeable increase in energy bills.

Following these tips is a great way to help any business get the most from their signage and maximize the return on their signage investment.

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