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July 15, 2020

Hampton, VA – Dimensional Letter Signage Brings Style to a Business Sign

Posted in: Industry News

To make businesses or brands stand out, people will need to use a professional, classy, and new signage system. When businesses or offices have uninteresting and unprofessional signage, customers may not want to buy their brand. A poorly done sign portrays a terrible picture for any business. A type of signage system that stands out is dimensional sign letters. This signage is three-dimensional and makes the business stand out from other businesses around them. Dimensional letters are custom made and come in a variety of materials that can reflect the unique image of any individual company.

For example, a law firm or a city mall can use dimensional letters from brass or bronze to give a professional and elegant look. Aluminum and stainless steel provide a classy and modern look when used in an apartment building or an office. Businesses looking to put up dimensional letters on a small budget can choose to use acrylic and plastic that are convenient and less expensive.

Advantages of Dimensional letter signage
An office or rental building might experience a full transformation when dimensional letter signs are used. First, clients will love to do business with a company that has a signage system that exudes class and professionalism. With the right choice of signage, an office or business can enhance a healthy and positive relationship their clients. These types of signage systems are in hospitals and various doctor offices, law firms, and banks to name a few. These businesses found that the right style of dimensional letter made a big difference in an office space.

Businesses can also use dimensional letter signage on the exterior parts of the building. A company logo made from the right type of materials adds a professional feel to the entire building and makes clients get attracted to what companies have to offer. Artists will customize the company logo, and use the dimensional letter signage to add a professional look to business. The artist can use various drop shadows that attract customers.

Materials available for Dimensional Letter Signage
People operating on different budgets can ask designers to create different styles using different materials for dimensional letter signage. For clients who do not mind spending a lot of money, solid metal letters can be a great start. They are durable and offer a perfect and professional look. Some common materials used include:

  • Acrylic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze

Clients can choose to have a perfect finish by polishing, dusting, painting, or adonizing.

James River Sign Company will give business different choices for the types and materials for Dimensional Letter signage. Contact our customer care team for more details.

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