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March 18, 2020

Newport News, VA – Raceway-Mounted Signs – An Affordable Investment that Works

Posted in: Industry News

Raceway mounted signs can be one of the first things customers see before deciding to visit your store, clinic, spa or any other business that wants to stand out. These signs are mounted to the top of the front of your building with a backer plate (called a raceway) allowing the giant letters, symbols, and other parts of the customized sign to be illuminated and visible.

Brand Marketing for physical business locations

Raceway signs, referred to channel letter signs by some, do much more than just allow a business location to stand out in a shopping, medical, or business center; they serve as part of your brand marketing. Every business needs to build a brand and reputation in people’s minds in order to attract business. These signs are highly customizable which means that a professional sign manufacturer can recreate your business logo even if it contains letters in another language, symbols, shapes or numbers. A professionally-designed, installed, and maintained raceway mounted sign will give you an offline marketing edge.

An affordable investment that keeps working for you

Much like a website, a major marketing tool, a raceway mounted sign gives you presence offline. It is more than just another place to proudly display your business name and logo.The letters should be large enough to be visible while being appropriate for the building’s size and should meet safety standards. Smaller signs don’t necessarily mean a lower cost, rather, a smaller sign might cost you in the long run. Rest assured professional sign designers will help you choose the right size for your business and budget.

Consulting with professional sign designers and manufacturers

Think of your sign manufacturer as your guide in getting this offline marketing tool to work for you. Professional sign designers and manufacturers will guide you regardless of how much knowledge you have about raceway mounted signs. There are a number of options available and different types of lit raceway mounted signs to choose from. An experienced professional will also be able to tell you what other business owners in your industry are currently choosing.

Business competition is high and getting a profession raceway mounted sign made is easy. These raceway mounted signs are ideal for rented commercial space because they leave minimal damage to the outside wall of the building. Online and offline marketing strategies are more important today than they ever were.

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