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March 11, 2020

Hampton, VA – Lighted Signs – Attracting More Business During Night Hours

Posted in: Industry News

Attracting Business during Night Hours

Although there are a lot of businesses that only operate during the daytime hours, it is important to consider the benefits of lighted signs. These are tools that are effective in marketing your products and services. They are useful even when your store, shop, or building has closed for the day because consumers are able to read them. James River Signs provides diverse lighted signs that will allow you to reach out to current and potential customers throughout the night hours, as well.

According to Fits Small Business, storefronts and other types of businesses really benefit from having lighted signs during the evening and at night. Restaurants, bars, and even coffee shops often operate during these times and want to attract attention. The goal is to have signage that can be seen as people drive or walk past your location. These are signs that help with brand recognition and bringing traffic into your physical business.

Competing with Other Businesses

There may be a number of shops in your business area that are open during the same hours. Some of these may even offer customers the same types of products as you. Lighted signs are designed so that you can meet your competition in a professional way. You may opt to have LED displays for early morning hours, as well as, late at night. Bright and colorful details are successfully used in this way.

Pinpoint Your Location

James River Signs will help you to design the type of lighted sign that you want for your business. These may be used to pinpoint your location in a particular community or shopping center. It is important to show not only where you are but what you offer. Product names, company names, and contact information may often be included in these designs.

Attract People at Night

Your business may have extended hours for customers to shop or receive services. Finding good ways to attract these people is essential to your bottom line. Thinking about signs for nighttime use is another way to expand your operations and profits. This gives you the chance to not only earn during the day but at night, as well.

Consult with your design team to create the most effective signage for night hour use. You can display your logos, catchphrases, and other details in these lighted tools. Working with experts who design, manufacture, and install these signs are the best way to make the impression that you want for your business.

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