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March 04, 2020

Newport News, VA – Custom Outdoor Signs – Advertising Done Right All Day Long

Posted in: Industry News

Custom Outdoor Signs

Maybe as long ago as 15,000 years, North American natives carved petroglyphs, rock carvings, as signs or messages, and the first OOH — out-of-home — advertising was born.

Outdoor Advertising

There are multiple methods available to the business that wants to advertise outdoors. The most obvious is on the building that houses the business. Outdoor business signs can announce not only the name of the business, but the address and hours of operation, as well. They can be on the door, the side of the building, the front of the building, even on the sidewalk in front of the business. In fact, the options are almost limitless. The important thing is that the sign be easy to see and easy to read. A well-planned address sign is especially important for businesses that depend on their storefronts to generate new business.

Hanging signs offer a useful and attractive method of advertising and announcing a business. Hanging signs can point people in the right direction to a business, announce daily specials and promotions. Like the hanging sign, the attached sign announces the brand and valuable information for the approaching customer. Well-designed signage conveys more than cold information. It bears emotion, promise, direction to a fulfillment of what is needed or desired.

Businesses and Industries

No matter what the business or industry, outdoor signs are a standard of advertising. Whether the business is a construction company, a doctor’s office, a restaurant, grocery story, law office, or even a library, church, or school — outdoor signs are a must to announce, “Hey, here I am and this is what I can do.” Signs can, of course, do more than signal where the business is and what it does. Excellent outdoor signs whet the appetite for what the passing wanderer pursues. An inviting restaurant sign can set the mood for an exciting experience in just the type of atmosphere the future patron seeks.

Often the very first impression a business makes on a passerby is with the sign out front. A sign either calls attention to the business it advertises, or it provides a stark contrast to the business across the way that has an attention-grabbing presentation. Unfortunately, all too often the bottom line dictates available advertising budgets for many small businesses. That doesn’t mean you have to settle. Working with the right people can open new horizons of possibility for the tight budget. To find out more about this and the other ideas presented, contact James River Signs.

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