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January 02, 2020

Hampton, VA – Pole Signs Help Businesses Achieve Visibility in Crowded Settings

Posted in: Industry News

Today, many retailers struggle to attract the attention of potential customers in busy locations. Using a well-designed pole sign frequently assists companies in achieving prominence. Messages mounted on tall poles literally “stand out”!

Engineering Pole Signs

Several types of pole signs draw consumer interest. Probably a “unipole” sign (one involving the use of a message mounted on a single pole) remains the most popular variant of a pole sign today. Many merchants select strong steel poles to support appropriately-sized sign boards. However, in some locations in which municipal codes allow extremely tall pole signage, businesses choose to utilize two (or even three) poles as an extra safety precaution. The use of taller signs typically requires the use of exceedingly strong, thick poles for signage mounting.

In order to erect any pole sign, an advertiser should consult local code regulations carefully. These rules sometimes differ from one jurisdiction to another. In some cases, municipalities limit the maximum height of business signage. Additionally, specific requirements may pertain with respect to affixing the supporting pole (or poles) into the ground. Advertisers need to know in advance of planning a pole sign whether they will meet code requirements by embedding the poles in concrete or whether the signage requires additional anchoring requirements. The specific details of the sign construction process significantly impact the total cost of this form of advertising.

The Pole Itself As an Advertising Element

Not all pole signs include uniform metal poles, or course. Advertisers still sometimes employ wooden poles for certain types of poll signs. In some cases, the appearance of the pole itself contributes value to this form of signage. For example, even today some barber shops seek to display signage attached to colorful red and white candy striped poles. Even if the poll does not tower above other signage, its decorative nature commands attention from pedestrians and passing traffic.

Indeed, the availability of lightweight, long-lasting LED lighting now allows many comparatively short pole signs to function effectively in capturing the interest of people in the vicinity. A colorful pole still supplies a useful way to hang bright lights, pennants, or banners. It offers eye-catching possibilities. By carefully crafting the pole itself, a firm may devise distinctive and highly durable advertising.

To request further information about pole signs of all types in Southeast Virginia, consider contacting James River Signs. We serve customers across this region, including businesses in Hampton, Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Williamsburg. Contact us at 757-598-4036 to obtain assistance.

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