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December 26, 2019

Newport News, VA – Wall Graphics: A Charming Way to Increase Customer Interest

Posted in: Industry News

About Wall Graphics

Wall graphics offer businesses an excellent opportunity to communicate important branding information in a subtle, integral way. Often including slogans and logos, these long-lasting images decorate walls, doors, ceilings, elevators, entrance ways, and lobbies in a wide array of professional settings. In retail establishments, wall graphics sometimes advertise brand features, products, and available services. The quality makes a significant impact upon the overall effectiveness of the display.

Why Companies Should Utilize Wall Graphics More Extensively

Wall graphics today span the bridge between advertising and interior design. By carefully selecting this product, a firm helps establish an ambiance and tone for its facilities. Customers upon entering the premises appreciate aspects of the enterprise brand based upon the d├ęcor alone. Arguably, wall graphics remain one of the most underutilized branding tools. They offer three key benefits:(1) the ability to share a corporate motto or philosophy through business facilities;(2) durability; and (3), versatility.

Generating a Desired Corporate Culture

By selectively utilizing wall graphics with carefully chosen imagery and slogans, businesses convey significant information about the firm’s own brand and its ideals. This form of advertising offers a flexible platform for educating and inspiring staff members, business associates, and customers. It may help foster the development of specific corporate values, such as environmental responsibility or a commitment to excellence, for example.

Long Term Impacts

Wall graphics provide a highly cost-effective form of advertising because this imagery remains in place over extended periods of time. Created from elements such as vinyl, wallpaper, or engraved glass, these durable displays convey important information about brands over the long term. Unlike a short-term print ad or a radio spot, wall graphics continue to impress viewers over the span of months and years.

Exceptional Versatility

Additionally, wall graphics function effectively in a wide array of locations. Some companies utilize these images on walls. Yet others include them on moveable wall panels, doors, flooring, elevators, or even ceilings. The ability to utilize wall graphics to support company brands in an array of different settings contributes immensely to the value of this type of advertising.

Further Information

In Southeast Virginia, James River Signs excels in the creation of elegant wall graphics. Request our assistance designing and implementing this trendy product in Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, and other communities within the James River Valley. Call us at 757-598-4036 to obtain skilled assistance!

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