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December 18, 2019

Norfolk, VA – Temporary Signs Inform the Public to Details about a Business

Posted in: Industry News

Today, temporary signs play a vital role in society. This type of signage mirrors the diversity of the general population. From a festive banner hung across a building to an elective office seeker’s yard sign, these messages occur in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Frequently, temporary signs promote specific events such as music festivals, bake sales, or film auditions. In other cases, a temporary sign may advise the world-at-large about circumstances of immediate interest to the reader. A notice cautioning someone to use another door or to beware of a wet, slippery floor sometimes falls into this subcategory.

Aspects of an Effective Temporary Sign

Temporary signs need to command the attention of the audience rapidly. For example, this type of sign may utilize bright colors to capture the interest of people in its immediate vicinity. The use of clear, simple texts and letters permits wider comprehension.

Modern technology even allows some temporary signs to employ audible components. For example, currently real estate agents in some locations rely upon beacon technology to supply a detailed description of listings for the convenience of interested passers-by carrying Bluetooth-equipped cell phones. Yet regardless of the presentation media, an easily installed and removed temporary sign offers advantages.

Different Temporary Signage Options

In some situations, customers who anticipate using the same type of temporary sign in a variety of different settings may invest in a semi-permanent portable sign. The owner may choose to display it briefly as the need arises. Recurring sales promotions, frequent trade show displays, or maintenance operations may justify this investment.

In other cases, an advertiser requires a temporary sign capable of remaining effective for a limited period. The cardboard images, posters, and yard signs widely used during political campaigns fall into this broad category. Advertisers usually select these temporary promotional displays expecting to use them only once.

Some Benefits of Temporary Signs

By employing temporary signs, an advertiser gains the ability to market more flexibly. This type of signage permits an organization to respond nimbly to changing circumstances. Most enterprises cannot afford to invest significant sums in temporary signage. However, relying upon this important tool does help the organization inform the public about upcoming events and last-minute schedule changes. Creating effective temporary signs proves critically important from a cost control standpoint.

James River Signs serves customers across Southeastern Virginia. We provide high quality temporary and permanent signage. Contact us at 757-598-4036 to request further information.

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