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December 11, 2019

Hampton, VA – Using Creative Graphics to Design Business Doors and Logos

Posted in: Industry News

Customer Experience

Business owners are always concerned about customer experience. A business wants to give the customer a rewarding experience and do what they can to encourage the customer to return to the services they offer. One way of making customer service excellence is the presentation. How a business is presented to the customer is just as important as the services and products of the company. For example, when people see a swoosh, they will think of AmazonĀ®; when they see an apple with a bite taken out of it, they think of the Apple Computer brand. Of course, this kind of association takes years of development and creative development. Every Fortune 500 business has a front door where they have the chance to showcase their brand briefly; they use their logo as a symbolic way to tell who they are. They use their logo on everything they brand to advertise.

Creative Design

One night after Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were returning from introducing their computer to the Homebrew Computer Club at Stanford; Steve Jobs intuitively came up with a name for the computer company, Apple Computer. How they developed the Apple logo is not documented. Jobs and Wozniak did much of their work from Jobs garage for some time. Some creative decisions went into the color and design of their logo. Having a logo means coming up with a plan and usually having an innovative team to help. The same creative decisions apply to what a company chooses to put on their front door. The logo requires much thought and planning since it is supposed to tell what mission, story, and brand a business wants to convey to the public. When planning to create a logo, there are several principles to keep in mind.

Logo Design Principles for Graphics

  • Simplicity
  • Originality
  • Timelessness
  • Balance and Proportion
  • Scalability
  • Versatility

Originality and Endurance

Rarely does a company or business ever choose to change their logo into something else. A logo will be a constant reminder of the original decisions of the founders of the business and a reminder of those original principles from which the business grew. Proudly displaying this logo and image on company doors, helps to establish the brand and identity of a particular company.

Importance of Door Graphics

A client or consumer needs to know they have arrived at their destination, and that is one reason a specific number and address is used for businesses. It’s also another reason a company will put that information on their doors. Regardless of whether it is “221B Baker Street” or “One Infinite Loop,” the addresses of companies are essential. Locations are important, and the creative energy that is put into designing a corporate logo is equally important.

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