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December 04, 2019

Newport News, VA – Working Towards a Menu Board Design for Restaurants

Posted in: Industry News

Purposes of a Menu Board

Have you had the experience of passing by a menu board recently and seeing words misspelled or letters missing? Having problems with keeping track of a complete set of alphabets is a common problem for restaurants that have DIY lettering for their menu boards. Solving this problem with digital restaurant menus is a standard solution today. A business loses when customers come into the restaurant, and the customer cannot find a food item on the menu list. Perhaps the menu is not designed for user-friendly interaction, or the letters are too small. There are reasons to have a menu board that works smoothly with changing menu needs. A digital menu is linked to a computer system that allows the business owner to change the list when they need to add a new menu item, change the format, or even the type of font without expensive changes to the menu itself.

Messages to Customers

Often it is necessary to give a message to customers throughout the year. Whether the news is a thank you or a holiday greeting, these messages from the business owners can make a difference in the way its customers perceive the business. These messages can be included on a digital menu board. Regardless of the multiple purposes of a menu board, they are worth their weight in gold. A menu board can help lighten the burden for order takers and staff that are waiting on tables. They are also a convenient and easy way for new customers to become quickly familiar with all of the menu without having to ask too many questions with a full house and busy waiters and waitresses.

Qualities of a Good Menu Board

A good menu board is well lit so  that it causes no displeasure for your average customers. A good menu board is lit and uses lettering that is easy to read. Electronic menu boards, indeed, have the advantage of being able to change the size of the fonts and letters on the board effortlessly. Some people believe that the right list should have clear pictures of what is on the menu because that is what gives the customer the best understanding of the kind of food that is being served. A good menu board takes time to design and often is a joint effort between the restaurant owner and the graphic design team that understands marketing, the right font, and the right color combinations.

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