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July 24, 2019

Williamsburg, VA – What Kind of Signs Will Help a Restaurant Run More Smoothly?

Posted in: Industry News

A restaurant needs a variety of signs along with great menu boards in order to be successful. In this guide, there are great suggestions for practical signs that work well in a fast food or elegant restaurant.

Wait for a Seat

This sign is commonly used in a classic restaurant that gets tons of customers. It should be placed by the entrance so that guests will know that they may have to stand for a while before a table is ready. Many managers also use this type of sign when the staff needs time to clean up tables after previous customers have finished their meals.

Make Orders at the Bar

To reduce your overall service costs, let everyone order at the bar instead of at the tables occasionally. Many restaurant owners are now structuring their services this way because it decreasing the number of waiters that are needed to take orders. This sign should also be placed near the entrance whenever it’s needed.

Menu Sign

In order to drive guests through the door, a restaurant must have a great menu board. On the board, list popular dishes, specials, and deals so that customers will know what they can expect upon stepping through the door.

To attract a lot of foot traffic, always swap out a traditional menu with a themed option during holiday promotions. For example, on Thanksgiving promotional menu, list appealing Thanksgiving specials. The theme of the menu board should reflect the holiday so include pictures of turkeys and a fall color scheme.

Business Hours

The business hours sign is very important because it lets people know when they can place orders. Hang this sign on the front door or on a window and ensure that the font is bold and bright.

Sign Options

All of these signs are available in various styles, and each option provides different advantages in a restaurant’s design scheme.Some of the top sign materials include

  • Acrylic: Acrylic signs are made of a dense plastic. They can be illuminated and placed on walls in a restaurant.
  • Aluminum: These signs have a dense aluminum housing that typically as vinyl applied to either one side or both sides. Several holes are usually drilled in these signs so that managers can hang them.
  • Magnetic: Magnetic signs are made with a charged sheeting material. The magnetic layer sticks to the metal surfaces on a food truck.

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