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April 24, 2019

Newport News, VA – Door Signs – Simple but VERY Necessary for EVERY Business

Posted in: Industry News

Door Signs: a Simple Yet Necessary Investment!
Door signs have served businesses for generations. It is one of the oldest and most well established forms of commercial advertising and this useful signage still plays a vital role today. Businesses which maintain storefronts and offices absolutely need door signage.

Basic Door Signs

Most door signs supply visitors with important information about a company’s name and hours of operation. During former eras, these messages sometimes alerted prospective customers to a proprietor’s current availability. Hanging door signs usually communicated simple messages in a casual, welcoming way:

  • Will Return in (insert time) Minutes
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • Proud Member of (insert list of business or professional affiliations)

Today, this type of signage still offers retailers an opportunity to communicate with prospective customers. Dramatic door sign visual effects sometimes reinforce branding, too. For example, some companies utilize door signs which include striking LED lighting and/or logos.

Why Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Require Door Signs

Door signs remain essential for enterprises which rely extensively upon foot traffic to generate business. They help ensure that new customers who reach the company’s location identify the correct entrance and hours of operation. Sometimes these signs assist customers in finding the front door, in fact. People unfamiliar with the premises won’t mistakenly attempt to enter an establishment through service entrances.

Door signs also perform a courtesy role designed to prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings. A customer who arrives after normal business hours to discover the premises locked won’t mistakenly assume the company has ceased during business and closed permanently. Retailers in particular enhance community goodwill by posting their regular business hours via door signs. Other helpful information that be included on door signs would be the company phone number, the website, and/or services provided by a particular company.

Push/Pull Door Signs

In addition to conventional front doors signs, companies sometimes use a safety-related type of signage. Push/pull signs instruct customers how to open doors correctly. Particularly if a retail location lacks automatic doors, this type of message assists new patrons in accessing the business more easily. The signage helps customers avoid injury by pushing against outwardly opening doors.

Further Information

When customers require high quality, affordable door signs in Newport News, Poquoson, Hampton, Grafton or other communities along Virginia’s beautiful James River, our firm offers skilled assistance. James River Signs creates and installs a wide array of different types of attractive signage. Contact us at (757)598-4036.

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