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October 31, 2018

Newport News, VA – Five-Star Awning Signs for Businesses

Posted in: Industry News

Businesses naturally are always searching for ways to promote themselves. Many successful businesses these days are turning to the world of awning signs. Awnings are gaining significant traction as advertising platforms. There are many strong reasons for businesses to employ awning signs to spread the word about their available services and products. Companies that are trying to secure top-notch awning signs can enthusiastically turn to James River Signs headquartered in Newport News, Virginia. We’re a full-service business that expertly creates, produces, and even installs signs of all varieties. We assist customers with everything from channel letters and banner signs to vinyl and roof signs.

 Reasons Awning Signs Are a Big Thing These Days

People who work for businesses should consider investing in awning signs for numerous reasons. Awning signs, first and foremost, can make any storefront look a lot more attractive. If a business owner is looking to give his or her storefront a polished and contemporary appeal, an awning sign can help him do so. Awning signs create visual interest that encourages potential customers to give businesses their full focus.

Signs on awnings make structures appear a lot bigger. This is an illusion that can make businesses seem a lot more appealing to their customer bases. Awnings, in short, establish changeover sections in the middle of streets and businesses. Staring at a sign from right under an awning can make a customer feel invested in a business space. That’s how an awning sign can encourage a passerby to linger a lot longer.

Awning signs can provide people with sanctuaries. They serve as covers that can safeguard people from the harsh elements. If a business owner wants customers to be able to seek retreat in the middle of aggressive rainfall, an awning sign can be an aid. Awning signs can also provide people with soothing shade in times of extreme heat. If a business owner wants people to link his business to serenity and ease, the addition of an awning sign can help greatly.

Awning signs can help minimize unpleasant glare that’s situated close to windows. If a business owner wishes to defend items and customers from the stress of glare, investing in an awning sign may be highly effective. Contact with the sun can lead to discoloration that’s brought on by intense ultraviolet rays. Thankfully, awning signs and awnings can keep business interiors safe from the effects of the sun. People who don’t want to have to worry about customers squinting inside of their business often are big awning sign fans.

Businesses that are enthusiastic about first-class signs need to contact the James River Signs team. James River Signs is a local business that genuinely grasps the power of A+ awning signs.

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