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October 24, 2018

Newport News, VA – Conferences Require Signage

Posted in: Industry News

Signs are important in various environments. Effective signs can direct people and convey a direct message. Signage in and around conference rooms is no different. When there is an event coming up or ongoing, the conference hosts do not want participants wandering around wondering where to go.




It is important to have signs on the doors of the room where the conference is taking place. It confirms the proper location for participants to enter. Without these signs, people may not find the correct room in a timely manner and be late for the event. Being late for the conference can cause unwanted commotion because it draws the audience’s attention away from the conference. Suddenly, everyone is turning around to see who is coming in. This also results in the participant missing vital information.

The hallways leading from the building entrance to the conference room entrance can be confusing. Not only can people get lost, but they can also interrupt other people’s events unintentionally. Participants need to follow signage in the hallways to guide them to their conference room, so they can be on time and organized.




Inside the conference room, there might be different areas being used for various stations. Using signs to identify what the different stations are and potentially what order they should be visited is important to their function. For instance, the conference might be on beauty supplies. Because of this, there might be a station for moisturizer, foundation, and other categories. It is important that the participants know, at a glance, what each station is for, so they can utilize their time efficiently.

When participants enter a conference room, they should immediately know who the event is for. Signs help achieve this goal. By hanging signs from the ceiling or placing on easels near the entrance and front of the room, people will know exactly what event they are entering. If there are no signs, people may be unsure of the host and what the conference is about.

The conference host might want to give a sneak peak of the subject matter that will be discussed during the conference. Signs can be strategically placed in the room letting the participants know the broad categories of the conference. This creates a stir and makes participants want more information. This is a great resource for any conference host to have at their disposal.

Having a conference is a big deal. It takes time, money, and effort to put together. Spending resources on proper signage will help the you pull off a conference efficiently and effectively. Using a sign company, like James River Signs, can help you determine the signs you need for your particular conference. We can even install the signs and help you decide where the signs  should be located. Our company can help take some of the stress of deciding what types of signs you need, so you can focus resources on other areas.

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