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October 17, 2018

Hampton Roads, VA – Construction Site Signage

Posted in: Industry News

Construction sites can be dangerous. This is why signs are so important both on site and around the site. Signs help keep employees and the public safe by letting them know where the dangers lie and what might be going on in any given area. Without signs, people can get hurt, projects can fall behind, and money can be wasted. Investing in signage for a construction site is a necessary expense that any business must be prepared to pay. The following are some kinds of signs that might be needed.



Danger signs

Construction signs have many places that are dangerous. It is vital that all these areas have highly visible signage that will let everyone know to be careful and why. For instance, you might have a crane on the site. If so, there should be a sign advising of the danger lingering above. There is a wide array of danger signs and the company will have to decide which ones are applicable to its construction site. These signs are usually white with red warnings and black printing.





Notices are similar to danger signs and warning signs. However, notices are usually white with blue notice graphics and black writing. The warning signs are usually white with orange warnings and  black printing. These signs can be informational but still necessary. They could convey video surveillance or a no trespassing sign.

On-site signs

Many of the signs needed are placed so the public is aware of dangers and notices. These are usually placed on the fencing surrounding the site or near the site. However, there are other signs that are placed within the construction site. These signs advise the workers of dangers on the site like closed off areas, keep out signs, and where safety equipment needs to be worn. Workers need to understand what all the signs mean, so they are generally a few words and maybe a picture. This is so the sign is easily and quickly understood by anyone who sees it. Some of these are caution signs which are generally yellow with black lettering.

Construction site signs need to be durable and have the ability to stand up to rough weather. Because work sites are in the construction phase for a long time, it is important that the signs be able to last as long as needed. There are different sizes, depending on the need, and they have films to protect them from weather, high temperatures, and chemicals.

Using resources to obtain proper signage for a construction site is well spent because it protects the public, the employees, and the site from damage or injury. Sign companies can help install the signs if needed. They can also help get permits for signs that might require this to make sure the signs are appropriately placed and secured. The signs need to be properly installed so they withstand weather and potential vandals. A quality sign company, like James River Signs, can help you determine which signs to use and where they should be placed.

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